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Top 5 FastPass Picks for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is such an amazing blend of rides, experiences, shows and walking paths with much to see and explore.  There are several different FastPass options that you could select that would allow you to bypass the standby line and drastically decrease the time that you spend waiting to experience an attraction.  At Animal Kingdom, you get to make 3 selections from the list of available attractions (Note: if you completely use all 3 of your selections, you will be able to get another one as long as there are times available.).  To get the most out of your day, here are my top 5 FastPass pick recommendations for Animal Kingdom:


5 – Festival of the Lion King

This seriously is one of the best shows across all of Walt Disney World!  The music is amazing, the characters are fun and it is an extremely lively and exciting performance.  I don’t think a FastPass is completely necessary unless there is a certain time block that you are looking for and you care about getting to be seated first, but it is still a great option, especially if the other recommended attractions that I will be discussing do not have any FastPass availability that works for you. Either way, just make sure that you see this show!

Festival of the Lion King-2


This thrilling attraction is definitely a thrill for the dino-lovers out there.  This isn’t a slow-paced ride through attraction. The dinosaurs are chasing you, roaring at you and maybe even trying to eat you.  Plus your Time Rover makes very sudden, jerky movements in the dark, adding to the thrill and suspense.  This a popular attraction and usually has at least a 20 minute wait, which climbs hiring during peak seasons and busy parts of the day.  This makes it a very good option for a FastPass selection.

3 – Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

I will caveat this one by saying that if you care about your group staying together, or if you have children that need you with them in order to ride, then you should definitely FastPass this one.  The lines can get quite long. This is one of Disney’s most expensive attractions that they have every created, and is the most expensive roller coaster ever built in the world!  It is easy to see why once you experience Expedition Everest for yourself.  If you don’t mind riding solo, you can make use of the Single Rider line, which usually doesn’t have much of a wait and could allow you to use your FastPass on another selection!  Beware the Yeti!


2 – Kali River Rapids

If you are traveling during the hotter months and want to experience this attraction, then this is absolutely an attraction that you need to FastPass.  Since you do get wet (we aren’t kidding) on this attraction, many folks like to enjoy this one to keep cool while they enjoy the park.  Plus, who doesn’t love a thrilling raft ride?  If it is a hot day, the lines get extremely long and you will wish you had the FastPass, so go ahead and snag this one!  If you are traveling during “winter” months, you may be just fine without one!

Kali River

1 – Kilimanjaro Safaris

This is definitely a MUST FastPass attraction.  This one is fun for the whole family, and one of the most unique and amazing attractions across all of Walt Disney World.  You board your safari vehicle and actually go on a real safari through the savanna where you get up close views of so many different species native to the African savanna.  Not only should you FastPass this one, but you should also keep in mind the times that you get, if you have flexibility. The animals are usually the most active early in the day and later in the day.  If you go during the hottest parts of the day, they are usually trying to sleep in the shade, so I would stay away from that time if at all possible.  Just be sure that you get one for this, as the lines get long and the ride is absolutely amazing!


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