Top 9 Best Ride Queues at Disney World

3 - Haunted Mansion Liberty Square in the Disney World's Magic Kingdom is home to one of the most beloved attractions in all of Walt Disney World which invites guests to feel both spooked and entertained. The Haunted Mansion brings guests into a massive manor house which is home to nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunts who lurk in the many rooms waiting to scare guests. While guests encounter plenty of eerie happenings and spooks on the attraction, the queue of the Haunted Mansion introduces some of the characters found inside and sets the creepy tone. With the mansion looming at the top of the hill and the echoes of a dog howling, guests enter into an interactive graveyard that winds its way through the Haunted Mansion’s queue. Guests can figure out who killed who in a twisted family of six, help a deceased poet with her writer’s block, play instruments from regions beyond, and pay their respects to Master Gracey, owner of the home. Just before entering into the foyer of the mansion, guests can check out a tombstone for Madame Leota who occasionally opens her eyes to check out what is happening in the physical world!