10 Best Table Service Meals with No Characters for Families at Disney World

2 – T-REX: Disney Springs

If you have dinosaur lovers in your group, you have to go here!  You are greeting by a huge, moving and roaring T-Rex as soon as you walk into the restaurant.  You will also find many other dinosaur breeds all over the dining room.  The restaurant is broken up into different sections like fire and ice.  The fire room is red while the ice room is a blue color that changes during the meteor shower that occurs every 15 minutes or so.  During the meteor shows the dinosaurs go crazy and make the whole restaurant come to life.  You can see the meteors on the ceiling in the fire room, and it’s really cool.  The menu is very large with options from all of the popular types of cuisines.  This keeps it very diverse to tailor to all palates and cravings.  Plus the kids can even get dinosaur shaped nuggets, which is a definite favorite for our kids!  It is so much fun, and after dinner you could head on over to the gift shop and do the Build-A-Dino experience, which is definitely a blast! (Photo Credit: Disney)