Top 12 Counter Service Restaurants at Disney World

7 - Harambe Market @ Animal Kingdom Theme Park If you are seeking an array of options with a punch of flavors, Harambe Market located in Africa boasts true African inspired food. The restaurant is one of the newest quick service locations in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Harambe Market features four unique ordering counters which each serve up different options for guests to enjoy. Kitamu Grill features options like Grilled Chicken Skewer and Grilled Vegetable Stack, Chef Mwanga’s features meals including Tikka Masala Chicken and Spice-Rubbed Karubi Ribs, Famous Sausages serves up options like Beef and Pork Sausage, and Wanjohi Refreshments focuses on delicious and unique cocktails like Leopard’s Eye, Red Sangria, and Edgebaston The Pepper Pot. With so many unique and interesting options to try at the Harambe Market, guests are sure to love dining there while enjoying time in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!