10 Tips & Tricks for Using Disney’s Magic Bands

4 – When you line up your band, line it up Mickey to Mickey.

Anytime that you need to tap your Magic Band to enter the Disney World parks, use a FastPass+, etc. then you will save a lot of time if you go ahead and make sure that you line up the Mickey on your Magic Band with the Mickey at the touch point.  Touching the two Mickey heads together is what activates the system.  If you have your band ready and help ensure this lines up, it will save you and your group a lot of time! Once lined up you’ll get the ever exciting green mickey light! To enter the parks, you will be required to provide biometric identification or show a photo ID that matches the name identified with your ticket. This process helps to ensure that you, and only you, have access to the entitlements linked to your MagicBand or card. Sometimes children can forget which finger was scanned to enter the park, so you’ll want to help them, so you know which finger they scanned. This will save time so they can use the same one in the future.

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