6 Facts and Secrets about Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

5 - The Best Hidden Mickey.

The best Hidden Mickey in all of Walt Disney World is in Fantasyland.  As you probably already know there are these things known as “Hidden Mickey’s” all around Disney parks where Mickey’s head, body, ears, etc. are formed into rocks, flooring, paintings, details, etc. and you have to be paying attention in order to find them.  This creates extra fun for guests to seek them out when they are waiting in lines and exploring Disney parks.  Well, the imagineers went above and beyond this time.  They created a Hidden Mickey that can only be seen at noon every November 18th.  Do you know the significance of November 18th?  It is Mickey Mouse’s birthday!  The imagineers created a rock formation in the queue for Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid that will create a Hidden Mickey on the floor of the queue precisely at that time one that day only.  The sun will be in just the right place at that time to create the effect.  Pretty special, right?  This is one of my absolute favorite secrets in all of Walt Disney World.