Top 10 Q & A About Epcot at Walt Disney World

Snow White

6 - Can you meet characters while you are at the park?

Absolutely!  Characters aren’t just for Magic Kingdom.  There are actually tons of characters at this Disney World park, and ones you may not be able to find at any of the other theme parks.  As always you can meet classic characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and more.  In Future World, you can also meet characters like Joy and Sadness from Inside Out and various others.  In each of the countries in the World Showcase, you can meet characters that are native to that area.  In Norway, you can meet Elsa and Anna.  In China, you can meet Mulan.  In Germany, you can meet Snow White.  It goes on and on with characters you would expect to see.  All of the character interactions are listed on the Times Guide so that you know where to find them.