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7 Reasons We Love Liberty Square In The Magic Kingdom at Disney World

The Magic Kingdom is the most popular of the four theme parks in Walt Disney World as it opened with the Walt Disney World Resort in 1971 and features plenty of thrilling and classic experiences for guests to enjoy. Those who spend time in the park can explore several different lands which are beautifully themed to bring guests to different places in time and location. One of the most famous lands in the Magic Kingdom is Liberty Square, which is home to unique dining, entertainment, shopping, and attractions that guests love experiencing when in the park. With a distinctly patriotic feel, Liberty Square features plenty of brick buildings and historical details, evoking the progression of architecture and history in America. From small details and amazing dining locations to three popular attractions and a shopping location that can’t be missed, Liberty Square is a great place to explore. Here are seven reasons why guests love Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom.


1 – Haunted Mansion

One of the most beloved attractions in the Magic Kingdom can be found on the top of a small hill in Liberty Square. The Haunted Mansion lures guests in with eerie creaking and a dog howling in the distance. Upon entering the queue for the attraction, guests pass through an interactive graveyard featuring a murder mystery, a bubbling sea captain, a ghost poet with writer’s block, and a series of interactive ghoulish instruments. Once inside the house, guests find themselves accompanied by the disembodied Ghost Host, who narrates their experience through classic areas like the stretching room, graveyard, and ballroom. Throughout the Haunted Mansion, guests encounter the nine hundred and ninety-nine happy haunts who live there, causing eerie occurrences and special effects.

2 – Hall of Presidents

Also found in Liberty Square is an attraction which is as patriotic as they come. The Hall of Presidents is housed inside a grand brick building and features a lobby full of artwork and possessions depicting the lives of the Presidents of the United States. Also found in the lobby is a fenced-in section of the carpet, which displays the Presidential Seal that can only be found elsewhere in the Oval Office. Once seated inside the theater, guests who enjoy the Hall of Presidents can watch a show which is narrated by Morgan Freeman and culminates with all of the Presidents of the United States standing as one on the stage. A highlight of the Hall of Presidents is the Abraham Lincoln audio-animatronic, who stands from his chair on stage to deliver the Gettysburg Address.

Hall of Presidents-2

3 – Liberty Square Riverboat

The final attraction in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom brings guests on a scenic tour down the Rivers of America. The Liberty Square Riverboat welcomes guests aboard the Liberty Belle, a beautiful steam-powered paddle-wheeler with three decks to enjoy. Once moving, guests who enjoy a trip on the Liberty Square Riverboat can take in peaceful views of the Rivers of America and nearby attractions as narrated by Mark Twain. With wonderful and unique views of Tom Sawyer Island, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Haunted Mansion, the Liberty Square Riverboat is a great way for guests to enjoy time in Liberty Square.

Liberty Belle

4 – Columbia Harbour House

For guests looking to enjoy a unique and delicious meal, there is a quick service location in Liberty Square, which is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. The Columbia Harbour House is open daily for lunch and dinner and offers up a seafood-inspired menu in a nautical setting. Guests who dine at the location can enjoy an atmosphere of dark wood paneling and nautical décor while dining on options including the Lighthouse Sandwich, Fried Shrimp Plate, Lobster Roll, Broccoli Peppercorn Salad, and Grilled Salmon. The Columbia Harbour House also features two floors to dine on, and guests who head up to the second floor can relax at tables next to large windows, which offer beautiful views of Liberty Square below.

5 – Memento Mori

Found right near the Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square is a shopping location, which is a must-visit for any fan of the Haunted Mansion. Memento Mori is a gift shop which used to be the home of the dearly departed Madame Leota, whose living portrait can be found hanging inside. The location offers a unique array of merchandise themed around the Haunted Mansion, including clothing, accessories, artwork, memorabilia, and housewares. Memento Mori also offers a special option for guests to have their portraits turned into ghoulish delights. Guests who are looking for the perfect souvenir from their time in Liberty Square should definitely spend time in Memento Mori.


6 – Sleepy Hollow

Found just over the bridge spanning from the hub to Liberty Square is a quick-service location which serves up unique and delicious cuisine that guests are sure to love. Sleepy Hollow is housed in a small brick building and features an adjoining courtyard full of tables which offer beautiful views of Cinderella Castle and the hub. The location is open each day in the Magic Kingdom and serves up fresh waffles in many different styles. Guests can snack on waffles topped with fresh fruit, chocolate hazelnut spread, whipped cream, or powdered sugar as well as funnel cakes. The delicious food offerings paired with the quiet courtyard and beautiful views make Sleepy Hollow a fantastic place to spend time while enjoying Liberty Square.

Sleepy Hollow

7 – View To Frontierland

One of the best parts of Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom is the beautiful views of the Rivers of America. The waterway runs all the way from Liberty Square to Frontierland with Tom Sawyer Island in the middle, leaving plenty of beautiful views for guests to enjoy. One of the best views from Liberty Square looks straight across the Rivers of America towards Splash Mountain in the distance where logs can be seen slipping down the final drop accompanied by the screams of guests onboard. Pausing for a moment to enjoy the view is part of what makes Liberty Square so amazing for guests enjoying time in the Magic Kingdom.

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