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Our 8 Favorite Resort Pools at Disney World

One of the great things about staying at one of the Disney resorts would be the amazing pools!  You should definitely plan a pool day during your stay!  The pools are only available to enjoy by guests of the specific resort, so if you are having trouble selecting a resort, maybe let the pool help you make your selection!  Here are our top 8 favorite pools on property:


8 – Art of Animation Resort – Big Blue Pool, Cozy Cone Pool and Flippin’ Fins Pool

It is hard to pick a favorite pool at this resort since the themes for each pool are so perfect.  The Big Blue Pool is currently the largest pool in all of Walt Disney World!  It is themed after the popular Pixar movie, Finding Nemo!  You can also hear Dory, Nemo and other characters in the pool area from an underwater speaker system!  Not only that, Big Blue Pool area also features a fun water playground.  Over at the Cozy Cone Pool, there are cone-shaped cabanas like from the Pixar movie, Cars.  The characters from the movie all hang out around the pool, just like a scene right out of the movie.  If you are a Little Mermaid fan, then you will definitely love Flippin’ Fins pool.  This pool features the “Under the Sea Orchestra” and is conducted by Sebastian.  The pool area is beautiful and a lot of fun!  Since it’s too hard to pick, you might as well enjoy them all!

7- Wilderness Lodge – Silver Creek Springs

At this pool there is a waterslide that is built to run through the rocks and into the beautiful pool. The pool is surrounded by trees and gives you the feeling that you really are swimming in the middle of beautiful wilderness with views of Bay Lake off beyond the pool area.  This has always been one of the most peaceful pools to me, which is definitely great when you are looking for a day of relaxation with your loved ones.

The Pool at Wilderness Lodge

The Pool at Wilderness Lodge

6 – Caribbean Beach – Fuentes del Morro

This beautiful pool area is perfectly themed after a Spanish fortress that could be overrun with pirates at any time! This pool has not one, but two different water slides!  There are also water cannons for you to have water battles and a huge shipwreck water playground area with smaller slides and great ways for the kiddos to get soaked!  It is a really fun area, and it is perfectly themed to match the rest of the resort!

5 – The Boardwalk – Luna Park Pool

I don’t know what it is about the huge clown slide that I just can’t get enough of.  It’s pretty creepy to look at, but perfectly fits the theme.  The pool is designed to look like a real carnival, only with water fun.  The 200 foot slide exits right out of the clown’s mouth!  There are also elephant statues around the pool that shoot water to add to the fun and beauty of the area.  The theming of this area is one of the most unique on property, which makes it extra fun.


4 – Coronado Springs – Lost City of Cibola

This pool is huge and beautiful!  The whole pool area is themed to reflect Mayan ruins with a huge 50-foot Mayan pyramid as the centerpiece of the pool with water flowing down the steps of the pyramid.  The pool also includes a 123-foot waterslide and the largest hot tub in all of Walt Disney World.  Volleyball and other fun is also close-by, so you will definitely want to take time to enjoy this spot during your stay.

3 – Animal Kingdom Lodge – Uzima and Samawati Springs

Not only is the entire resort and pool area beautiful, but there are also two different pool areas.  One pool area is at Jambo House (Uzima) and the other is at Kidani Village (Samawati Springs).  You get two gorgeous pool areas right at the same resort, which is especially nice.  Uzima is a huge zero-entry pool that looks like an African oasis.  There is also a fun waterslide that ends in the pool.  Over at Samawati Springs, the pool is a little bit smaller but is also a zero-entry pool with a fun waterslide.  Not only that the Samawati Springs area also has the Uwanja Camp area, which is the water playground the kiddos will absolutely love!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool

The Pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge

2 – Polynesian Village Resort – Lava Pool

It is very hard to beat the pool at the Polynesian.  The pool area is known as the Lava Pool.  It is a zero-entry pool next to a huge volcano that has a water slide coming out of it.  There is also a water playground by the pool area where kids can run and play for hours.  Not only is the pool area amazing with amazing amenities, but you can also see views of Cinderella’s Castle from the pool area, which make the experience even more magical!

1 – Yacht & Beach Club – Stormalong Bay

This is definitely one of the most popular pools in all of Walt Disney World.  This pool was one of the first pools to be restricted to only the guests of that resort due to so many guests trying to pool hop over to this pool.  The pool area, Stormalong Bay, is so much more than just a pool.  There is a water playground that covers around 3 acres.  There is also a lazy river, a real pirate ship with a waterslide and a beautiful beach appeal to match the resort and surrounding area.  You have views of the Boardwalk area behind the entire pool area, which leaves you having fun right in the middle of the action!  It really is a miniature water park all right at the resort.

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