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BIG NEWS: Disney Closing Popular Magic Kingdom Entertainment Offering

Big news out of Disney world that is sure to disappoint a number of fans who appreciate the classic Disney attractions. Disney has announced the end to one of the most popular evening entertainment offerings so that it can return to Disneyland early next year. No confirmed replacement yet, but we have some suspicions. Details below.


From Disney writer Thomas Smith:

The Main Street Electrical Parade, Magic Kingdom Park’s long-running nighttime parade, will officially end its historic run at Walt Disney World Resort on October 9 and then head to Disneyland Resort for a limited-time encore engagement. We wanted you to be among the first to know while there’s still time to plan a trip to Walt Disney World Resort to enjoy the magic and nostalgia of the parade one last time.

Main Street Electrical Parade is a nighttime procession filled with glowing, spinning floats that honor favorite Disney characters. Animated Disney films that are represented include “Alice In Wonderland,” “Cinderella” and more. During the parade, Tinker Bell lights the way with a wave of her wand and orchestrates half a million shimmering lights synchronized to a memorable soundtrack.

If you’re planning to visit the Walt Disney World Resort for our fall experiences and see the parade one last time at Magic Kingdom Park before it ends its run, please keep in mind that Main Street Electrical Parade is not offered on Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party nights.

While Disney has confirmed that the parade will be moving to Disneyland, there has been no announcement about what will be replacing the parade at Disney World. Many fans hope that Disneyland’s current parade, Paint the Night, will be coming to Disney World. However, Disney Cast Member Erin Glover has confirmed that, “At this time, there are no plans to bring “Paint the Night” to Walt Disney World Resort.” Paint the Night will end its run on September 5, but will run on select Holiday nights this fall. Many Disney fans are calling for the return of SpectroMagic, another amazing parade that ran for many years at Disney World. We will post news about the replacement as soon as it become available. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for news announcements!

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RELATED ARTICLE: 7 Facts and Secrets About the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

by Christy Caby

The Main Street Electrical Parade has appeared in some way, shape or form at Disney parks for many years.  Even if the parade took a hiatus at one park, it would be moved to another for guests in another area of the world to enjoy.  If you haven’t seen it, that gives you an idea of the popularity of the parade and how impressive the floats are!  Here are also 7 fun facts and secrets about this beloved parade:


7 – The parade wasn’t a native Magic Kingdom or Disney World attraction.

This parade first appeared at Disneyland in 1972.  The parade was extremely popular and even with various updates and moves over the years, versions of it managed to survive at one of the Disneyland parks in California.  It did end in 2015 at Disneyland when Paint the Night premiered.  Two parade versions still run most nights today.  They are located at Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland today.  The parade at Magic Kingdom is comprised of floats from the Disneyland version and some of the newer elements from when it was at Disney California Adventure, too.

6 – The parade was inspired by Disney World, though.

The Electrical Water Pageant came first.  This was the nighttime electrical show with floats that moved across the water to create a light show for guests to enjoy.  This was a unique experience and Disneyland executives and planners took note of the popularity.  They wanted to create something that would keep more guests in the park during the evening hours, so the concept for the Main Street Electrical parade was born! It was a brilliant concept that still is extremely popular in the parks where the parade is shown.

MS Electrical Parade

5 – The parade took at hiatus at the Magic Kingdom.

The nighttime parades have always been popular as guests love the lights, characters and music.  The sun is also down so it isn’t as hot to stand out and watch a parade in the evening time when you don’t have the sun beating down on you.  The Disney World version of Main Street Electrical debuted at the Magic Kingdom in 1977.  It ran until 1992 when the parade then moved to Disneyland Paris.  The Magic Kingdom had Spectromagic, another nighttime parade with all new floats and music, until 1999 when Main Street Electrical returned for a couple years.  Spectromagic returned in 2001 and ran until 2010. After Spectromagic ended, Main Street Electrical came back and has remained at the Magic Kingdom since then.

4 – 600,000 lights are needed to light up all of the floats and costumes.

Yes, you counted all of those zeroes correctly! That is a lot of lights, right?  That equates into over 500 miles of lights! The power from the batteries to power all of these lights would equal the amount of power needed to provide power for 32 homes, too! That is a lot of power and lights, which is no wonder why the show continues to impress and remain a visual delight for guests of all ages.


3 – The birth of a new way to do parades.

Before this parade, the parade floats would project the music for the show, so that you heard the music more clearly as the float approached you.  With this parade the imagineers developed a whole new control system, which is how we experience parades today.  The area is broken in zones where speakers are.  When a float reaches a zone it triggers the system to play certain music, so the music comes from speakers in the area.  You get constant music the entire time at a constant level, which is also perfectly synced with the parade!

2 – Baroque Hoedown

Don’t you just love the catchy tune of the Main Street Electrical parade?  The music has remained a constant with the parade and has guests dancing, moving to the music and tapping their toes.  The tune is called “Baroque Hoedown”.  It was electronically written by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kinglsey.  The electronic synthesized music was new for this era in 1967.  They wrote the song for commercial used and didn’t realize that Disney created a parade set to the tune of the music until Jean-Jacques Perrey made a trip to Disneyland in 1980 and heard it played.

MS Electrical Parade-2

1 – Quick parade facts.

  • There are over 80 performers that perform during the parade as characters, dancers and other entertainment.
  • There are 11,000 lights on the dancer’s costumes.
  • There are 23 different floats in the parade.
  • The longest float in the parade is the finale float. It is made up of 7 cars and spans 118 feet total.
  • The tallest float is the Cinderella float. The clock tower is 18.5 feet tall.
  • All of the lights have been upgraded to LED lights so that they are more energy efficient.


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