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The Attraction Challenge: Around the World in 1.3 Miles at Disney’s Epcot

Are you ready for the DisneyLists Attraction Challenge? Looking for a challenging way to conquer the attractions at Disney World? Yes? Then these articles are for you. Simply ride all of the attractions on this list and you will earn bragging rights and your friends will be jealous. Well, maybe not, but you’ll have a fantastic time. How many challenges can you complete? For extra credit, conquer them all in one day! (Be on the lookout for more Attraction Challenge articles coming in the next few weeks).

So you only have one day at Epcot, or you want to challenge yourself to do as much as you can at each pavilion in a single day.  I do highly think that drinking/eating around the world is a lot of fun, so that is definitely something you can focus on.  If you are interested in attractions, then this article will help you narrow down where you may want to focus your energy.  I am not a huge fan of most of the movies at the pavilions (but if you have never seen them or have an interest in that country, you definitely should check them out if you have time), so I focused on the other happenings in the pavilions for you.  Here is how we would attack going around the world in 1.3 miles:


12 – Mexico

At this pavilion you definitely have to do Gran Fiesta Tour Featuring the Three Caballeros.  This isn’t a thrill ride by any means, but does have a lot of nostalgia along with appearances from these adorable characters.  The attraction is also completely indoors, out of the sun, so it is a great spot to cool off.   I also recommend that you meet Donald while you are here.  This is the only location you can meet him in his sombrero and poncho!

11 – Norway

Frozen Ever After is one of the newest attractions at Walt Disney World and it just happens to call Norway home. You definitely have to take this fun boat ride through Arendelle.  After that, head over to meet the Frozen sisters, Elsa and Anna, in person at their only meet and greet location in all of Walt Disney World.  You should also grab some school bread from Kringla Bakeri og Café!  It’s affordable and delicious!

Norway School Bread

Norway School Bread

10 – China

You don’t want to miss the Dragon Legend acrobat performances.  Be sure to check the Times Guide to see when this show will on, because it is definitely worth the wait.  If you are into character meet and greets you may be able to find Mulan or Mushu out for a visit at this pavilion.

9 – Africa Outpost

This isn’t really its own pavilion, but it is a neat area as you are passing through.  My kiddos like to play on the drums as we pass by.  This could be a great spot to let the kids play for a minute if you need a rest before you continue on your trek.

8 – Germany

You have to visit the caramel shop and get yourself a treat.  These are being made fresh right in front of you and are so, so good!  We also love cruising through the Christmas shop as big time Christmas fiends.  The nutcrackers are amazing (and expensive)!  If you have time to stop for a meal, Biergarten is unique and delicious.  It is a buffet, so you can sample authentic German flavors have an amazing time with the entertainment at the restaurant.

Caramel Corn at Karamel Kuche

Caramel Corn at Karamel Kuche

7 – Italy

There is a really cool flag waving act and Sergio the Italian juggler also comes out and entertains guests on the street.  These are really neat shows and definitely worth waiting to see.  You or one of your kiddos may even get to participate in the show.  We definitely recommend doing a little bit of wine and gelato sampling here, as it is definitely the best around.   Via Napoli is an extremely popular restaurant as has the best pizza at Walt Disney World.

6 – American Adventure

So you journeyed all the way from the United States to…. The United States!  Well this is a little bit different as this is focused on the Colonial period of American history.  You can’t leave this pavilion without waiting to listen to the Voices of Liberty.  They are an acapella singing group that performs American classics and favorites, along with a few Disney hits here and there.  Their sets are always changing, so you will likely get something new each time.  This is also a great place to see American artifacts and learn more about American history.  Funnel cake is also readily available, too!


5 – Japan

This is definitely one of our favorite pavilions.  We love to dine here, and you can’t go wrong with Teppan Edo or Tokyo Dining.  We love the drum performances at this pavilion.  They are so powerful and loud.  It is a blast.  This is our favorite pavilion to shop in since there are so many great things in the huge Mitsukoshi store.  There is the Pick A Pearl where guests are crowded around to see what pearl they get.  There is also food, incense, video gaming shirts, Hello Kitty, swords, sushi sets and just so much more.  We can shop forever here!

4 – Morocco

The music and dancing entertainment here is great!  You definitely have to make time to hang around and experience it.  If you have time, get a Henna tattoo as well.  They are so much fun and it’ll look awesome for your entire vacation.  The atmosphere is so beautiful that we love to rest for a few minutes in this pavilion and take in the surroundings.  You will definitely find interesting outfits and clothing if you check out the markets, too! You can meet Aladdin and Jasmine while you are here if you are looking for their autographs.

3 – France

We love the street performers in France.  “Serveur Amusant” is the main street performer and it is a chair climbing act that is unbelievable.  You won’t believe how high they can stack and climb the chairs.  It is definitely a must see for us.  You can also meet characters like Aurora and Belle while you are there, too.  The dining is on the upscale side, so if you are into French cuisine and a more upscale experience, then you should definitely take a break to eat here!

Serveur Amusant

Serveur Amusant

2 – United Kingdom

We love the musical entertainment at this pavilion.  You can head over to the garden area and find a seat to listen to one of the concerts.  It is a great time and a really great experience.  We love how many characters are at this pavilion, too!  You can see characters like Alice, Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh.  You must eat some of the fish and chips while you are here, too.  These are seriously the best fish and chips and if you pair it with a beer for cider, you are in for a real treat!

1 – Canada

This is probably the one pavilion where the video is on my list.  I enjoy Martin Short, and I like that the video is in 360.  The only bummer is that you have to stand the entire time.  This video is definitely one that I like to see.  The musical rock band that performs is also entertaining, too!  Other than that, we never really felt like Canada was a super “happening” pavilion for us!

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