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5 Myths about Magic Kingdom Theme Park that are Completely Untrue

When it comes to creating the magic that makes the Magic Kingdom so awesome, Disney World has lots of tricks up their sleeve. There are lots of behind the scenes secrets that only a handful of people know. There are also a lot of secrets that a lot of people know that actually aren’t true. Over the years these secrets have developed into myths that have amazing staying power. Here are 5 myths that a lot of people believe to be true that just aren’t. Sorry.


1 – The Castle Can Be Dismantled in Case of a Hurricane

Because Orlando is susceptible to hurricanes, Cinderella Castle was designed so it could be dismantled in the event of a major hurricane, right? This one is false. While the spires on the castle can be removed, it takes several days and a large crane to do so, neither of which is practical when a hurricane is quickly approaching. Instead the castle was built to withstand winds of over 110 mph with a 600-ton steel frame and 10-inch concrete walls. It’s definitely not going anywhere during a hurricane.

2 – Wishes Fireworks Song is Sung by Girl Dying of Cancer

While Wishes is no longer running a Magic Kingdom, this myth still persists. A young girl who was a “Make a Wish” child was granted her wish to be a part of Disney forever by recording part of the song for Wishes nighttime spectacular.  While this is a feel good story, it is not true. According to the information on the Official Walt Disney World Album, the child singing in the song is Charity Farris who is alive and well. This rumor may have started from the fact that some of the proceeds of the album including Wishes were donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.

3 – The Pirates of the Caribbean is Haunted by a Worker Who Died Building the Attraction

A worker named George was killed in an accident while building this attraction. Cast Members who work at the attraction claim that George will cause the ride to break down and have reported hearing footsteps, receiving phone calls to the control tower and even seeing strange things. Cast Members are sure to tell George “Good Morning” and “Good Night” each day or else the ride will malfunction.  According to Disney, there were no workers killed during construction of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and ride malfunctions are a normal part of theme park operations. But Cast Members who work this attraction will tell you of the strange occurrences and ride malfunctions caused by George.


4 – The Partners Statue

The Partners Statue is a bronze statue featuring Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse’s hand as Walt points off into the distance.  The statue is located in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom. There are several myths surrounding the meaning of this statue at Walt Disney World.  Some believe that Walt is pointing toward EPCOT and telling Mickey to “Go forward without me.” But the most popular myth connects this statue to another one located at the front of Main Street U.S.A. of Roy Disney sitting on a bench with Minnie Mouse. Many believe that Walt is pointing to Roy and telling Mickey that he must go with Roy now as Walt cannot continue.

None of these myths about the statue are true according to sculptor of the statue Blaine Gibson.  He has said that the statue is meant to depict Walt’s goal of making guests happy, and he is pointing to all they happy guests as if to say to Mickey “Look at all we have created.” Gibson has stated there is no other meaning to the statue, and the Partners Statue is located at other Disney Parks around the world, whereas the Roy statue is not.

5 – The Rooms at The Contemporary Resort Were Designed to be Removable.

The A-frame design of The Contemporary Resort, near the Magic Kingdom allowed rooms to be removable, with the option to slide them in and out to refurbish the rooms as required. However, the building settled making the rooms impossible to remove.

It is easy to see how this myth came about because of how the building was constructed. During construction of the resort Disney became pressed for time and the unique style of the structure allowed them to work on both the structure and the rooms at the same time. The rooms were completely assembled at a nearby site and then placed into the frame of the building. The rooms slid into the spaces just like a drawer would in a dresser, however these rooms were never made to be removed again. It would be difficult to remove the rooms once the exterior of the building was complete, not to mention the difficulty of unhooking water and electricity. It would also be very expensive to refurbish rooms in this manner and would undoubtedly cause guest complaints of inconvenience and noise.  It is significantly easier to just redecorate the rooms while they are in place.

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