How to Have a Staycation at Your Disney World Resort

4 - Resort recreation activities. Each of the resorts do an amazing job at facilitating fun activities for resort guests.  You will be given an activities guide when you check in and this will be your guide to all of the fun.  The activities are different depending on which resort you stay at.  There may be guided resort tours, various lessons, animal viewings, cookie or goodie decorating, etc.  You can guarantee that each and every resort will have amazing pool activities.  There will be music and dance parties for varying ages with a Disney Junior Party and then a dance party that is better for all ages.  There is pool bingo, Disney trivia games, etc.  There is so much fun to be had that it seems like there is always something going on! Also, if you are at a resort with a spa or salon services, take a break for yourself and make an appointment!  Everyone loves a little bit of pampering on vacation!