12 Tips & Tricks to Having the Best Summer Vacation at Disney World

1 - Chill Out

Take notes from Baloo the Bear in Jungle Book when vacationing at Disney World over the summer! He’s one, no stress… chilled out bear! With massive crowds and 100+ degrees all around, there will come a time when you need to step back and chill out both in temper and temperature. Find opportunities to chill, even if it’s for a simple 10 minutes away from the crowds and heat. Magic Kingdom has a fun water play area in Fantasyland known as Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak. This is a great spot for kids to run free and cool down in the water while you take a breather. We also suggest looking for hidden areas that might not offer a bench or table, but a shady floor to sit on! Whatever it takes – just find time to chill out. Trust us, you’ll avoid both children and adult meltdowns this way!  
By Mike & Jamie Sylvester