Top 12 Attractions You Should Always Try to Get a FastPass+ Reservation at Disney World

9 - Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster @ Hollywood Studios

Amazing Aerosmith music, loops, corkscrews, and 0 to 60 speeds... well, this coaster has them all. Plus, the coaster is entirely indoors in the dark, with the lighting perfectly placed at the moment that the Imagineers wanted you to see certain signs and features. With so few rides in Disney's Hollywood Studios and one of the few coasters across all of Walt Disney World, this one is quite popular. The FastPass will definitely help you save a lot of time that you can spend enjoying the rest of the park. Note that Hollywood Studios utilizes a Tiered system with its FastPass choices. Rock' n' Roller Coaster has moved back to Tier 2 (beginning February 19, 2020), which means you'll have a lot of different attractions to choose from. Which one you choose may be based on availability, but if you have thrill seekers in your group, this one is a great attraction to select for your FastPass.