16 Best & Worst Dining Choices for Large Groups at Disney World

1 – BEST - Ohana @ Polynesian Resort O’hana is one of our favorite restaurants in all of Walt Disney World.  The restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner service each day.  Both meals are all you care to enjoy and are served family style right to the table. “O’hana” does mean “family”, so this is perfect!  Breakfast is a delicious skillet filled with breakfast meats, eggs, potatoes, waffles, etc.  The juice served with breakfast is absolutely amazing, too!  Dinner is an offering a meat skewers that are brought around, along with various sides and appetizers for the table.  The dessert is one of the best desserts all over property, so be sure you save room for that.  Not only is the food and service amazing, but if your time your reservation right, you can watch the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom right at your table! With massive rectangular tables, room to spread out, and family style dishes - Ohana is a favorite of ours for a comfortable and delicious dining experience. Photo Credit: Disney World.