16 Best & Worst Dining Choices for Large Groups at Disney World

7 – WORST – Coral Reef @ Epcot

Many Disney World guests don’t look beyond the World Showcase when making dining reservations at Epcot, and the World Showcase does have some amazing restaurants with fantastic food, and character dining experiences, but over in Future World at The Seas is the Coral Reef restaurant. The Coral Reef is a truly unique dining experience. The restaurant has large windows allowing guests to gaze at the aquarium in The Seas pavilion, and their menu features mostly seafood, but includes chicken and steak as well. Guests can admire the living coral, sea turtles, and thousands of other living sea creatures while they enjoy an amazing meal. A beautiful wall aquarium full of colorful sea creatures – we recommend trying Coral Reef as a family but not with your large group. The seating layout here just isn’t ideal for large groups. Photo Credit: Disney World.

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