20 Amazing Disney World Freebies

Magic Kingdome Opening Show
That’s right…FREEBIES at Disney World! It’s no secret that a Disney World vacation isn’t a cheap experience. Between travel, hotels, tickets, etc., the cost of a family visiting Disney World can add up quickly. However, while there are many costs associated with a trip to visit Mickey, there are many things at Disney World that can be done for free. Additionally, one of the things that makes Disney World so awesome are the little things they sprinkle in for free that adds the pixie dust. These things are often cited as the reason other parks with legitimately awesome rides don’t elicit the same sense of magic. There are numerous free items and experiences offered at Disney World - you just have to know where to look and who to ask. Out of various freebies available at Disney World, here are what we feel are the 20 most amazing ones!