9 Best Resorts for Large Families and Groups at Walt Disney World

4 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

This popular resort offers its guests stunning views of the wildlife residing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Of course, the relatively expensive room rates reflect the awesome scenes and upscale décor that comprise its safari theme. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge offers one and two bedroom, club-level access suites that sleep up to six and eight guests, respectively. The nearby villas offer less expensive options while still delivering wonderful views of animal life. You can find villas for five family members at Jambo House and up to nine at Kidani Village. Guests staying here feel like they’re right in the middle of Sub-Saharan Africa, and all this for a fraction of the price of a real-life safari.


D.W. Noonan lives in Salisbury, Maryland, but calls Walt Disney World his second home. Years ago, he married his wife, Kathie, who introduced him to the imagination of Disney films and forced him to watch countless hours of everything from Steamboat Willie to The Lion King. With the birth of his three children, he found himself inexplicably drawn to vacationing at Walt Disney World every year and eventually making the trip to Disneyland. He'll even brave a Disney Cruise from time to time, even though he's not particularly fond of oceanic voyages. Noonan experienced his ultimate Disney dream when his two dancing daughters performed for Disney Performing Arts in 2015, but he also realizes that the best is yet to come.
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