10 Best Table Service Meals with No Characters for Families at Disney World

10 - Liberty Tree Tavern: Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square

This location is in an amazing location toward the center of Magic Kingdom in the very patriotic area, Liberty Square.  The restaurant has services at Lunch and Dinner, and both are great for families.  At lunch you order from a menu with many delicious options including dishes like pot roast, a turkey feast with all the trimmings, burgers and more.  I have to say that dinner is our favorite, though!  At dinner the meal is served family style with a prix fixe menu.  The menu is the epitome of comfort food starting with a delicious salad and followed by turkey, pot roast and ham and they are accompanied by stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables and more.  The dessert is a delicious tart that the family will love.  Even better, kids under 3 are completely free and don’t have to share a plate with you.  The meal is all you care to enjoy so you can order more of any component to the meal that you want more of.  I recommend you come for dinner and skip lunch or eat a light lunch so you save money and you get the most value out of the meal.