10 Best Table Service Meals with No Characters for Families at Disney World

8 - Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This restaurant is so much fun!  As soon as you enter the dining room, you will be amazed.  The entire restaurant is set up to look like you are in the drive-in theater complete with the ceiling looking like the sky and a fence around the perimeter.  It is amazing!  There is a huge screen where clips from old sci-fi movies are playing, complete with old school commercials you might have actually seen at the drive-in.  Lined up in front of the screen are “cars” that are actually tables!  This place doesn’t just have your normal nachos and hot dogs type of food from the drive-in either.  The steak with horseradish potatoes is my absolute favorite!  You can also get items like shrimp pasta, shepherd’s pie, deluxe burgers and so much more.  Kids absolutely love this place since there is so much to keep them entertained.  You have the huge screen playing films and you have all of the neat décor.  You also may even see a server on roller skates.  It really is fun and delicious for the whole family.