10 Best Table Service Meals with No Characters for Families at Disney World

3 - 50’s Prime Time Café: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Speaking of fun restaurants, this one also fits the bill.  At this restaurant, you are going to dinner at “Mom’s” house and one of your aunts, uncles or cousins will be your server for the evening.  They will be sure to remind you to mind your manners, too!  No elbows on the table!  You start your meal by “setting the table” to get ready for tasty “Mom’s” home cooking.  You have items like pot pie, fried chicken, stuffed pork chops, etc.  I definitely recommend that you try the peanut butter and jelly milkshake!  I know it sounds weird, but it is so delicious!  The prices at this restaurant are pretty reasonable from a price perspective, too, especially as far as table service restaurants at Disney World go.  Be sure to eat all of your vegetables, or you might have them fed to you!