The Mountains of Magic Kingdom - 24 Facts & Secrets

1 - Parents tried to carry a baby on the ride in a duffel bag.

This is still one of the most appalling and sad stories that I have ever heard in regards to the crazy things that parents have be caught doing at a Disney park.  There was a couple that were in line for Space Mountain with a duffel bag.  They were questioned about the bag and cast member noticed the bag moving.  They were asked to open the bag and come to find out their young baby was inside the bag.  The couple intended to get around the ride height requirements so they could both ride by smuggling the baby on in a duffel bag.  They definitely won’t be winning any parent of the year awards and let us hope that this child is safe and sound today.  It goes to show that there are reasons for every rule and reasons why cast members pay such close attention to guest actions, and thankfully they do.

By Christy Caby