A Spooktacular Review of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

7 - Trick-Or-Treating Fun: Treat stations which are flagged with huge orange inflatable tubes open at 7pm. Based on our experiences, it’s best to wait to get treats until later into the evening. It seems like everyone starts trick-or-treating when the park opens which means long lines to get candy. We wait until these lines dwindle then snag our treats! Don’t worry, we’ve never experienced a candy shortage. In fact, we always have WAY too much candy (if there is such a thing!) by the end of the night. A backpack or something to store your sweet treats in is helpful when riding rides or just wanting your hands free. As mentioned above, be sure to ask for a token at each treat station if you have an allergy and a teal bag. Our gluten allergy person LOVES the treats they provide at the Liberty Square Allergy Center. Loads of Enjoy Life cookies are especially his favorite!