10 Tips & Tricks for Using Disney’s Magic Bands

6 – Personal Payment Options

We all know Disney is smart. They’re good at attracting people and even better at convincing them to spend even more money. MagicBands allow for a seamless purchase transaction where you don’t even have to take out your credit card. By scanning your band and entering your personalized pin number your credit card is automatically charged. The convenience factor here is incredible and there is no worry about losing your card. You can leave your credit card, park ticket, and room key back in the room so there’s almost no need for you to bring your wallet into the Disney World parks! This is especially helpful at the water parks where you may not want to leave such valuables loose in your bag. (Please note that using your MagicBand to charge is only for resort guests, as you are charging back to the room and not directly to your credit card. Although many annual passholders can’t wait for this function to be added!)