Top 11 Must Do Experiences at Disney World

8 - Frozen Ever After

Love it or hate it, Frozen is here to stay. Many Disney fans were upset to hear that Disney was closing their beloved Maelstrom in the Norway Pavilion for a Frozen themed ride that would take guests through scenes of the movie. After a long transformation, Frozen Ever After has opened and is just as popular as everyone expected. Opening day, in June 2016, saw wait times for the ride up to 300 minutes! That's 5 hours for a single ride! Those crazy long wait times didn't last too long. Now you should find "normal" wait times to be around 2 hours. But is the wait worth it? Absolutely! The animatronics are amazing and the soundtrack is superb. This one lives up to the hype! So even if you're not a huge Frozen fan, you won't want to miss Disney's latest attraction.