10 DO’s and DON’Ts for Making Advanced Dining Reservations at Disney World

6 – DO Use Filters and Time Options on the Desktop App

When making your Disney World dining reservations on the desktop app, a few simple clicks may save your precious seconds in the long run and enable you to quickly make the reservations you prefer. When viewing the Dining reservation page, the default list includes all the parks and resorts. If you know you want to see availability within a park, click on the “All Parks & Resorts” and then select the park you want. This will bring up results only for the park you selected. Then, you won’t have to scroll down so far to see the options available that you are interested in. Alternatively, if you have a specific restaurant in mind, go ahead and click on the restaurant’s name and check availability from the restaurant’s page. This will also save you from excessive scrolling to find the restaurant you want. Also, if you have a specific time in mind choose the hour that is closest to that desired time. There is also a “breakfast,” “lunch,” and “dinner” option available if you don’t have a specific time in mind. The mobile app has you select your party size, choose your date and time, and then offers availability. Click on the funnel icon at the bottom right corner to filter locations, cuisine options, and more.