6 Facts and Secrets about Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

3 - Alcohol is served in Fantasyland.

So I believe we are also all familiar with the long time rule that there is no alcohol served at the Magic Kingdom.  Sometimes I love this rule, and then there are definitely sometimes when it would be nice to have a drink here and there while enjoying the park.  Well, that rule has been bent slightly in Fantasyland.  If you dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant, then you will notice that you can actually order alcohol on the menu at dinner.  It was the first dining location in the Magic Kingdom to serve alcohol.  The justification for this offering is that since the restaurant is a French-themed restaurant that wine and other spirits would be a standard for the menu.  Fess up parents, is this why this restaurant continues to be one of the most difficult restaurants to get a reservation for?  Alcohol aside, the restaurant really is amazing, and a beautiful sight to see.  If you are looking for a perfect replica of the ball room from Beauty and the Beast, the imagineers really nailed it with this one!