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NEWS: Philadelphia Eagles Headed to Disney World to Celebrate Super Bowl Win

After Philadelphia’s Super Bowl win in Minneapolis last night Disney World is preparing to welcome quarterback Nick Foles and the entire Philadelphia Eagles team to celebrate their historic win. Catch all the details below:


Here are all the details from Disney Cast Member Darrell Fry:

Just moments after Philadelphia clinched its historic Super Bowl title in Minneapolis, Eagles star Nick Foles was asked what he is going to do next and he shouted: “I’m going to Disney World!”

The hero of Super Bowl LII will soon be on his way to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida after becoming the latest NFL star to utter those iconic words as part of a national TV campaign following his team’s Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots. He played a huge role in Philadelphia’s triumph, throwing three touchdown passes and he, himself, catching a touchdown pass, becoming the first quarterback in Super Bowl history to do that. In the end, Foles helped propel his team past the Patriots and into the Super Bowl record books. A backup quarterback most of the season, Foles lived out a true Cinderella story, passing for 373 yards in a game that saw the most combined yards ever gained in an NFL post-season game.

Foles’ visit to Disney World will continue a Disney Parks tradition that began 31 years ago, in 1987. Monday marks the first time an Eagles player will participate in the Super Bowl parade at Disney. The team was winless in two previous Super Bowl appearances. Once he arrives at Walt Disney World Resort, we will pay tribute to him and the Eagles with a magical celebration at Magic Kingdom Park on Monday at 2:40 p.m.

Foles will be the star of a hero’s parade down Main Street, U.S.A., with popular Disney characters, festive music and lots of confetti. Afterwards, he will enjoy some fun time in the park, experiencing some of Walt Disney World Resort’s signature attractions.

If you happen to be at Walt Disney World Resort on Monday, come join us at Magic Kingdom for all of the merriment and fun as we celebrate the Eagles and their amazing Super Bowl accomplishment.

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by Cindy N

A few years back I ran into an old childhood friend that I had not seen in years. When meeting her new husband, she introduced me as the girl who was obsessed with Disney World. She must have been referring to the stream of pictures I would post from our Disney vacations that we seemed to take “all the time.” She admitted she just didn’t get it, especially when she learned that we actually took our 10th anniversary trip to Disney World without the kids (scandalous)! She confided that she would probably go there one time when she had kids, “because you have to,” but she really hated the thought of having to go.

This was a rather odd conversation for us, one that we’ve had with other friends and family from time to time. They ask, “What is it about Disney World? Why do you go back year after year?” Well, here are the 6 reasons we keep going back to Disney World.


6 – Lasting Family Memories

Vacations are a wonderful time to build some lasting family memories. Vacations to Disney World really give so many opportunities for amazing memories because there is just so much to see and do and explore together! Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan offering entertainment and attractions that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet! There are so many “firsts” that your family can enjoy together, so many traditions that can be done every trip, and too many to count experiences that your family will remember over the years.

5 – Bringing Generations Together

A vacation to Disney World brings generations together with the common bond of loving a mouse! We taken multiple trips with our mothers and have enjoyed watching them connect with their grandchildren in ways just not possible at home. Grandparents know the characters, the Disney movies, the story of Disney, because they grew up with them too. They get to share that love and create special memories and bonds with their grandchildren.

Parents also get to share their love and excitement of all things Disney with their children. I was never able to go to Disney World as a child, though it had been a dream of mine. When I finally went for the first time, I loved it. However, I loved watching my children experience the park more. Their experiences meant more to me and it made the trip so much more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined.

4 – Quality Entertainment and Attractions

There are a lot of amusement parks in the world and many of there are very good. But none can provide the level of quality and the depth of the experience like Disney can. How do they do it? It goes beyond a commitment to quality and big budgets. It springs out of their DNA as story tellers. Expedition Everest isn’t just a rollercoaster, it’s a trip through a culture to a far away destination with an engaging story that starts when you enter the queue and doesn’t end until you’ve left the gift shop. When you’re at Disney World you don’t just ride rides, you explore stories.


3 – Excellent Customer Service

Disney World’s customer service is among the best in the world. Other businesses model their customer service to match Disney’s. In fact, they offer classes at Disney University to teach other organizations how to do things the “Disney Way”. We’ve are always hearing amazing stories of Disney Cast Members going above and beyond to make things right and to make Disney dreams come true. The great moments that stand out in other places are the norm at Disney. There’s just no were else you can go that consistently reaches this standard and we enjoy being treated so well.

2 – Disney World is Constantly Changing

You might think that we would be bored with Disney World. Well, not a chance. Disney World is always growing, changing, evolving. With refurbishments, additions and expansions, Disney World keeps improving and keeps setting the bar higher. There are always new things to explore!

1 – The Most Magical Place on Earth

Disney World is can be described as the most magical place on Earth. It’s true. Everyday life and troubles often melt away while on a Disney vacation. You’ll hear us refer to the “Disney Bubble.” It’s the mysterious invisible barrier that surrounds Disney World that normal troubles cannot pass through. When you enter it, the Disney magic takes hold of you and you can really forget what you left at home for awhile. Families are generally happier because they are spending time together doing some really cool, fun things.

Now of course, this doesn’t mean that families don’t fight, children don’t cry, and people are not unhappy at Disney World. Real life still does happen. Overall though, we’ve found our vacations at Disney World were times when we were happier as a family and enjoyed each other much more than during our normal routines at home. Disney World is a little closer to the world we wished we lived in and we’re a little closer to the people we wish we were all the time.

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