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11 Things You Might Have Missed in Epcot’s World Showcase

Nothing beats traveling the world in a 1.2 miles stretch! Epcot’s World Showcase is one of our favorite areas to stroll on Walt Disney World property. With 11 countries represented (Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, Canada), a trip around the World Showcase boasts different cultures that are just waiting to be explored! Slow your stroll with us as we check out 11 things you might have missed in Epcot’s World Showcase.


1 – Kidcot Fun Spots

Each country has as a Kidcot Fun Spot where children and adults alike can meet cast members from the host countries and receive special informational cards, stickers, and a very cool themed bag fro Ziplock to collect everything in. It’s a great way for kids of all ages to learn more about the pavilions they are visiting. The best part… this scavenger hunt is FREE!

2 – Mexico’s Control Room

The Mexico Pavilion is probably one of the most well-known and popular pavilions in the World Showcase. The huge representation of a Mesoamerican pyramid is absolutely spectacular, and the dining and shopping inside are just as wonderful. Before you scurry in for a tequila-filled refreshment, pause for a moment and look up at the top of the pyramid. Hidden away from sight is a small technical office that controls Epcot’s nightly fireworks show. Look to the Mexico pavilion for thanks during your next Epcot Forever experience!

3 – Norway’s Breakfast Trick

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is a great place to have breakfast with princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Princess Aurora, and Ariel. Just outside of this restaurant is Norway’s very popular attraction, Frozen Ever After. The line for Frozen Ever After seems endless most of the time with long waits. FastPasses are available for Frozen Ever After, but it sits on the same Tier 1 as other popular attractions like Soarin’ and Test Track. Instead of using your Tier 1 FastPass on Frozen Ever After, snag an 8:00 am breakfast reservation at Akershus. Finish your breakfast before the park officially opens at 9:00 am, and you’ll be able to step outside and be one of the very first in line for Frozen Ever After! Just be sure to watch for Extra Magic Hours in the morning, so your plan isn’t foiled.

Frozen Ever After

4 – China’s Echo

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful structures in all of Epcot is the replica of the Temple of Heaven in China’s pavilion. Inside guests can enjoy Reflections of China, a circle-vision 360° movie about China’s history. If you have a moment when the room is not full of people, stand in the very center of the room and say something. Your voice will perfectly echo back to you!

5 – Germany’s Cuckoo Clock

Biergarten Restaurant is the highlight in Germany, among many other delicious treats and excellent shopping. Towards the back of the pavilion, above Biergarten, guests will see a large clock. This is actually a cuckoo clock that opens on the hour! A bird pops out at the very top, and a wooden boy and girl come forward with a bell below the bird. It’s a fun little surprise to spot when your visit to Germany falls on the hour.

6 – Italy’s Oven Trio

Sometimes pizza just sounds like the perfect choice for a meal! Well, pizza at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria in Epcot’s Italy pavilion is anything but your typical pizza. It’s outstanding with thin-crust, fresh mozzarella cheese, San Marzano tomatoes, and real Caputo flour imported from Southern Italy. A highlight that’s often overlooked in Italy is Via Napoli’s trio of wood-burning ovens. These ovens are named after three active volcanoes in Italy: Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius, and Stromboli. The ovens even have faces, which makes it look like the pizza is being slid right into the mouths of Etna, Vesuvius, and Stromboli!


7 – Japan’s Pick-A-Pearl

If you’ve been in Japan’s Mitsukoshi Gift Shop, you’ve likely seen or heard of Pick-A-Pearl. For a fee, guests are assisted by VERY enthusiastic Cast Members to pick an oyster out of the large, oyster-filled display of water. Once the oyster is picked, the Cast Member will open it to reveal the pearl. The pearl is now yours as a great souvenir to place into jewelry or display. FYI – they say the biggest and most beautiful pearls come from the ugliest of oysters.

8 – Morocco’s Belly Dancers 

Never in a million years would we have thought we’d be seeing belly dancers at Walt Disney World… but we were wrong! Visit Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco’s pavilion to experience savory dishes with a Moroccan kick. While dining, entertainment is provided by belly dancers! These belly dancers are amazingly talented and make you want to dance right along next to them, which they invite the children to do so. Restaurant Marrakesh is one of the least popular restaurants in Epcot, meaning it’s typically not difficult to drop in for a meal if you don’t have a reservation.

Serveur Amusant

9 – France’s Serveur Amusant

If you want entertainment, don’t miss Serveur Amusant in Epcot’s France pavilion. Sometimes overlooked, this is one World Showcase entertainment act that we’d highly recommend scheduling into your plans. Serveur Amusant are street performers that arrive in France at select times. French acrobats show off their unbelievable skills through balancing and coordination. Chairs stacked ridiculously high with a man balancing on them (and no net!) is scarily entertaining to watch!

10 – United Kingdom’s Pub Musician

What’s a trip to the United Kingdom without a visit to a pub?! Rose and Crown Pub and Restaurant is one of our absolute favorite places to grab a meal and some bubbly while at Epcot. While most United Kingdom entertainment is focused on the British Revolution Band in the courtyard, we personally enjoy the Rose and Crown Pub, musician. Sing along to some fun tunes being played on the piano or just sit back and enjoy the music!

11 – Canada’s Interesting Soap

You thought we’d mention the totem poles, garden, or even Le Cellier, but instead, we throw soap at you! Here’s the perfect souvenir for the person that seems to have everything. Canada’s gift shop features all sorts of unique gifts… including special organic soap. These soap bars smell amazing but have names like Beaver Butt, Sasquatch Sweat, Bear Breath, and Piggy Poop. Don’t miss them!

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