Top 13 Best Photo Spots in Epcot

While you’re hurrying off to fly on Soarin’, getting ready to hug the popular Frozen sisters, or preparing to taste and drink your way around the World Showcase – you’ll want to take note of these 13 excellent places to pause for a quick photo. Whether you’re posting to your social media or plan to print pictures for your photo album, you can’t go wrong with these photo hot spots!

13 – The Seas

Let’s go under the sea! Epcot has a fantastic aquarium that is outstanding to explore for all ages. Take a ride on a clamshell on The Seas with Nemo and Friends to reach The Seas, which is home to fish of all colors, shapes, and sizes! See if you can snap a selfie with a fish or even a dolphin – just watch the flash as the aquarium reflection can be an issue for some cameras.

12 – Japan Pavilion

Japan makes for an excellent location to watch Epcot’s nighttime fireworks spectacular. This pavilion has one of the largest stretches of water viewing. Off in the distance, you’ll see Spaceship Earth. It’s especially great to take a picture of Spaceship Earth through Japan’s “Torii of Itsukushima Shrine” – the large red gateway structure in the water.

11 – Bubble Gum Wall (#bubblegumwall)

It’s time to chat about what’s trending… and that is WALLS! That’s right, “Disney Walls” are what it’s all about right now! Disney is embracing this trend and is especially impressing us when it comes to Epcot’s Walls. One of the most popular walls is called the Bubble Gum Wall (or #bubblegumwall on Instagram) located at the exit doors of Spaceship Earth. Thankfully, it’s not like the bubble gum walls in Seattle or San Luis Obispo, where people actually stick their chewing gum on the wall… eww! No, this wall is rather colorful and reminds us of the pop of gum with light pink, baby blue, and hot pink.

The Bubble Gum Wall

10 – Bridge Between the United Kingdom and France

This location is one of our absolute favorite spots in all of Epcot for many reasons! Yes, it’s an ideal spot for photos – but it also offers an excellent breeze, which is hard to come by at Epcot. Enjoy taking photos of spectacular views of the water, pavilions across the water, and even France a short distance away. Stop and rest for a minute, so you have a chance to pull out that camera to remember all the sights this area has to offer!

9 – Blueberry Wall (#blueberrywall)

We mentioned the Bubble Gum Wall, but the other exit of Spaceship Earth also has a colorful wall you don’t want to miss! The #blueberrywall is bursting with different colors of blue and white. Blue looks good on you, so get ready to let your photos do the talking!

8 – China Pavilion

Just WOW! If there is a pavilion with intricate detail around every corner, the China Pavilion is that! There is a Nikko Photo Spot sign just off the main path as you pass by China, which allows for an excellent photo with the Temple of Heaven in the foreground. We also find the Paifang gate leading into the pavilion to be a great photo spot. Don’t hesitate to venture into the pavilion to take a photo on the bridge with lily pads and beautiful foliage surrounding you.

7 – Toothpaste Wall (#toothpastewall)

We mentioned The Seas above for great aquarium photos, but don’t miss the popular Disney Wall in this location known as the Toothpaste Wall (#toothpastewall). Even though it may not look good when you accidentally smear toothpaste on your shirt – this wall, for some reason, brings out the most photogenic side of people! Snap a photo that pops with all the minty fresh colors you could imagine. You’ll feel fresh and clean in just one photo!

6 – Just About Anywhere During the Flower & Garden Festival

If you haven’t been to Epcot during the International Flower and Garden Festival in spring, you need to stop everything and start planning your trip now. Not only does this time usually have lower crowd levels than you’ll see during some of the other festivals – but the landscaping is breathtaking! Flowers galore, topiaries, and even a butterfly garden to walk through. Put this on your must-photo list.

5 – The Gardens in the United Kingdom Pavilion

If you can’t make it to the Flower & Garden Festival mentioned above, you can visit The Gardens in the United Kingdom Pavilion for a quick fix. Chances are you’ll catch a butterfly or two amidst the lovely gardens situated behind the Alice meet and greet location. Wander through, snapping selfies that will make it look like you’ve fallen through the rabbit hole with Alice in this whimsical location.

4 – Canada Pavilion

When we say Canada, you may think snow. Well, not in the Canada Pavilion at Epcot! Lush grass and bountiful amounts of flowers await your photo pleasure! Walk the path to Le Cellier Restaurant to find a quiet area to snap photos. We especially love the waterfalls in Canada. Cascading waters, colorful flowers – it’s a photo oasis.

3 – Mosaic Wall (#mosaicwall)

These other “Disney Walls” are great, but sometimes we like a little more diversity in our photos. Well, all the colors and patterns you could want to fill the #mosaicwall that can’t be missed as you enter The Land in Future World. Unique is the name of the game here, so enjoy snapping all the fun pictures you could want with family and friends.

2 – Sunshine Seasons’ Latest Cupcake

Cupcakes… delicious AND photo-worthy! The only difficult part here is waiting to devour your sweet treat before taking that perfect photo. Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons quick-service restaurant is an excellent spot to grab some great food and pick from a yummy lineup of desserts. They are also known for their trendy “specialty cupcakes” that vary depending on the season. One of the more recent cupcakes that hit Instagram by storm was the Arendelle Aqua cupcake. Take a selfie with one of these unique cupcakes because, at Disney, you can have your cake and eat it too!

1 – Spaceship Earth

What would a visit to Epcot be without a Spaceship Earth photo?! What many know as the “Epcot Ball,” Spaceship Earth is truly the focal point of Epcot. Snap a photo during the day to catch Spaceship Earth in its most vibrant, white form. As the night crawls in, the “ball” begins to boast stunning hues of purple and orange. It’s an incredible sight to see and perfect for selfies or for full family photos. Disney’s PhotoPass Cast Members are standing by!

Did your favorite photo spot make the list? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

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