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NEWS: Carnevale Returns to Maria & Enzo’s at Disney Springs

There are so many amazing restaurants at Disney Springs it can be a challenge to know which ones to try. Later this month, there is a great reason to dine at Maria & Enzo’s at Disney Springs. The restaurant has announced the return of Carnevale which will run for a limited time. Catch all the details below.


Carnevale, the traditional winter festival famous in Venice and known as Mardi Gras outside of Italy, is a spectacle of glamorous costumes, culinary delicacies, and riotous celebration. February 22 through March 5, guests who visit Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante at Disney Springs will get a front-row seat to nightly live entertainment including singers, stilt walkers, jugglers, mimes, face painters and folkdancers, while indulging in the restaurant’s signature Italian cuisine. As the Italians say, “a Carnevale ogni scherzo vale!” (Anything goes at Carnevale!) Reservations are recommended to ensure your experience Italy’s largest celebration of the year. Visit or call (407) 560-8466 for reservations and more information.

Chad and I are excited to be dining at Maria & Enzo’s Monday, February 25 at 6:30 pm to enjoy the event. We’ll be posting photos and video of Carnevale on our Instagram account that night, so be sure to follow us on Instagram by clicking here.

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by Mike and Jamie Sylvester

Disney Springs has easily become one of our favorite destinations on Walt Disney World property. As if the theme parks, water parks, and resorts aren’t captivating enough – Disney has kicked the former Downtown Disney into high gear with the absolute best of the best available at Disney Springs. Best shopping, best entertainment… and the VERY best food. While quick service options at Disney Springs seem limitless, this doesn’t mean you should overlook the table service restaurants here. The only difficult question now is where to eat? Check out what we think are the top 10 table service restaurants at Disney Springs.


10 – Planet Hollywood

Are you grumbling at our list already?! So, many people associate Planet Hollywood with bad taste. Yes, we totally agree that the old Planet Hollywood was, well, gross. If anyone went to dine at the new Planet Hollywood with a bad taste in their mouths… it was us! To our very pleasant surprise, however, we’ve dined at this new location over five times now and have been incredibly impressed each time. Exceptional service, a vibrant atmosphere (massive screens and awesome music), and yes – shockingly great food is what’s happening! Menu favorites for us include the Bacon Mac-n-Cheese (Chef Guy Fieri’s award-winning burger), Slow-roasted Chicken, Six Cheese Chicken Macaroni and Cheese, and the Hollywood Bowl. Partner your meal with a specialty cocktail or any favorite beverage from their full-service bar. Plus, don’t miss out on trying one of their outrageous Supernova Shakes.

9 – STK Orlando

If you’re tired of that same old steakhouse feel – look what we have in store for you! STK Orlando’s atmosphere and trendy vibe is what puts it on our top ten list. Open for dinner only, you’ll find that while children are welcome, STK Orlando has a very “adult dining” feel. Modern-elegant (dare we say sexy) touches are everywhere from the sleek seating to the high-end up lighting. We’ve learned that if dining here, request to be on the second floor outside terrace if at all possible. The inside is nice, but outside is stunning. Interestingly enough, food reviews aren’t rolling out of here very positive. The consensus is the ordinary food isn’t worth the heavy price tag. If you’ve never eaten here, we still recommend it! The food is good, just don’t expect as high-end of a taste as what the atmosphere sells. Enjoy a few appetizers such as the Double-smoked Bacon, some lively drinks, and of course the desserts such as the Warm Baked Cookie or Bag O’ Donuts on the outside patio for a relaxing evening.

STK Orlando’s famous Mac and Cheese and Parmesan Truffle Fries

8 – Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante

Italian foodies – this one is for you! Disney’s theming might seem strange on this one, but they somehow pull it off. It’s a culmination of Italian with an airport theme which makes describing this restaurant rather tricky. The idea is that a 1930 airline terminal has been transformed by Maria and Enzo with touches of elegance. There is no doubt you’ll likely notice the 50-foot high ceilings at first, but don’t forget to look for the aviation details in the mix. Almost everything on the menu holds an Italian twist with pasta, parmigiana, and fresh vegetables. No worries if you aren’t the Italian cuisine type as items like seafood and a Strip Steak aren’t forgotten. Slurp up your last noodle to order the Enzo’s Torta (Chocolate and Mascarpone Cheesecake) or the Gelato e Sorbetto. Finally, slip away to Enzo’s Hideaway to find a full-service bar!

7 – Paddlefish

We were Fulton’s Crab House fans, but we too agreed that it needed a makeover. When we learned of its transformation into Paddlefish, we were super excited! Paddlefish can either be a perfect date spot with fantastic views of the water while enjoying the full-service bar, or a fun family dining location to board a boat and dine! The menu also holds great variety from a light lunch to a heavy dinner. So, whether you’re in the mood for a simple Crispy Fish sandwich or a full-on 1¼ pound Maine Lobster meal, you’ll be able to have it here. While this is definitely a spot for seafood fans, there are options for those that prefer food from above the sea such as a burger or chicken. Dessert highlights are the Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan Tart or the Charred Carrot Cake.

6 – Splitsville

If you told us that a bowling alley restaurant would make any sort of top ten restaurant list, we would have told you you’re crazy. And well, here we are with Splitsville in the middle of our list! This retro-style bowling alley will surprise you – or at least it has surprised us again and again. Even if you decide not to bowl, the food here and the atmosphere is well worth the visit! First off, we must warn that the menu is rather vast with a surprisingly large array of cuisines to select from. It’s extremely difficult to pick just one meal here! Nachos, sushi, pizza, rice bowls, burgers, chicken, seafood, steak, tacos, salads… you get the point… leaving Splitsville a great place to take family members that can’t agree on one set palate. Plus, the frozen adult-beverages (Margaritas!) are fantastic. Our favorite dessert is probably the retro Root Beer or Coke Floats. A great place to unwind with family and friends!


5 – Morimoto Asia

Cheers to Chef Morimoto from Iron Chef America for unleashing his Pan-Asian cuisine on the Disney Springs scene! Taste your way through the innovative menu with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes boasting filling flavors. Whether you are a chopstick or spoon and fork kind of person, you’ll find a way to scrounge up any last piece of rice left on your plate. Don’t forget to save room for the unique desserts and even a couple of Chef Morimoto’s famous beers. We will say if the Asian cuisine isn’t your style, you may want to forgo dining here as that truly is most of the menu. We can’t forget to mention that Morimoto Asia is a masterpiece inside with 2-stories and something to dazzle at from top to bottom. Just look at those chandeliers! While the space is large, you don’t lose that intimate dining experience here which is appreciated.


Known for “Great Food, Waterfront Dining, Dream Boats”, that is exactly what you’ll find at Disney Springs BOATHOUSE. Enter the Boathouse to be greeted with fantastic views of the water for that ideal waterfront dining. Watch as Amphicars or Dream Boats (cars that are also boats!) take off into the water. All of this to look at, but you’ll really be focused on the satisfying food on your plate! Much like Paddlefish above, you’ll find seafood is the star here but Boathouse also has a great selection of non-seafood plates to choose from. The Dock Side Buckets such as the Coconut-fried Wild Pacific White Shrimp really set the stage for the atmosphere you can expect…. casual, comfortable – a true surf and turf beach feel. Just be sure to end your dining experience with the Whiskey Caramel Cornbread Cake or one of the yummy desserts!

3 – Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant

As Disney Springs changes on what seems like a daily basis, we’ve noticed some restaurants rise while others fall. One restaurant, however, the oldest on this list actually, is Raglan Road. If you are on the hunt for a consistently incredible experience with top-notch food, THIS should be your go to. Raglan Road seems to have somewhat of a cult following for all the right reasons. We aren’t sure if it’s the award-winning food, constantly flowing pub drinks, live entertainment, or the little piece of Irish trying to get out in all of us – but YES, Raglan Road has it! Try the Kiss Before Shrimp appetizer, the Boaring Burger, Keen Eye for the Shepherd’s Pie, or really anything on the menu and you won’t be disappointed. Let the bubbly flow and get ready for a memorable meal!

2 – The Edison

Trending as Disney Springs’ place to be, The Edison is drawing in the crowds and for good reason. Industrial-chic (if that’s a thing) is how we’d describe the vibe here. Exposed pipes and bricks, metal, unique lighting and gothic style industrial pieces decorate the restaurant’s seven rooms – themed to look like a remodeled electric company from the 1920s. Lunch and dinner are family-friendly, but after 10:00 pm a dress code comes out as does a 21-year and older, adults-only experience. Don’t be surprised to spot some interesting entertainment while dining here at any hour. Entertainers have been known to make appearances, but especially come to life after the 10:00 pm hour. It’s a great experience to be sipping on a specialty cocktail while seeing aerialists at her finest! The DJ keeps the music going and the bartenders and servers are very energetic… just adding to the nightly party. The menu at The Edison isn’t huge but features primarily American cuisine such as burger and salads. The highlights are definitely the interesting appetizers, a strong list of desserts, and of course the full-service bar drinks.

1 – Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

If you’ve ever eaten here or even talked with someone that has eaten here, chances are you aren’t surprised Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ ranks number one on our list! Why? The FOOD. If you’re looking for your taste buds to remember a meal and desire to visit on repeat so you can experience the great taste, again and again, stop off at Chef Art’s. We know trends come and go, but we believe this restaurant will stick around for the long haul… becoming a Disney Springs classic that never tires with trends. The Florida grown ingredients, simple yet stately menu, peaceful atmosphere, and Shine Bar, set Chef Art’s apart. Something about its simplicity is what makes it unique to other Disney Springs restaurants. Just let a few of these menu items speak to you: Church Lady Deviled Eggs, The Country Club, Addie Mae’s Chicken and Dumpling Soup, Fried Chicken & Doughnuts, Shrimp and Grits, Braised Short Ribs, Momma’s Mac and Cheese… now tell us this doesn’t already sound like home! Partner these with a little Moonshine and YES – you’ll be making your next reservation asap!

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