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NEWS: Disney Announces Capture Your Moment-New Disney Parks Photo Experience at Magic Kingdom Park

Disney has announced an exciting new program for guests looking to have more time with Disney PhotoPass photographers for special occasions. You can now book sessions with a photographer in Magic Kingdom. Catch all the details below.


Here are all the details from Disney cast member Emily Southard:

Disney PhotoPass photographers are ready to capture your vacation memories all around Walt Disney World Resort. From picture-perfect scenic spots to popular dining experiences, these are great opportunities to take beautiful photos that include the entire family.

For those celebrating something special who want a bit more time in front of the camera, we are piloting a new experience at Magic Kingdom Park called “Capture Your Moment,” a perfect add-on to your visit.

Capture Your Moment lets you book time with a Disney PhotoPass photographer for a personalized photo session during regular park hours at Magic Kingdom Park to capture celebrations and milestones, such as a proposal, baby announcement, graduation, anniversary, family reunion, first visit, birthday, and more!

All Capture Your Moment photo session locations will offer an iconic view of Magic Kingdom Park, to include a view of Cinderella Castle. At the start of your session, your photographer will share available photo shoot locations and discuss what you’d like to capture before escorting you to your photo shoot location. Once you arrive at your photo shoot location, you will have the opportunity to capture photos there with your photographer for up to 20 minutes.

Each Capture Your Moment session is $50. Want more time in front of the camera? When you book two Capture Your Moment sessions back-to-back for $100, you can spend up to 40 minutes with your photographer capturing photos. During your 40 minutes, you’ll have the option to visit at least two photo locations.

Your Disney PhotoPass photographer will customize your photo shoot to your needs while using their creativity and personal style to take stunning photos.


Starting today, you can call 407-939-7758 to book a Capture Your Moment session. Capture Your Moment photo sessions are available starting February 10, 2020. A limited number of same-day reservations may be available starting February 10, but you must call 407-939-7758 to inquire.

Prints and digital downloads are not included with the price of a Capture Your Moment session. However, those with a Disney PhotoPass entitlement like Memory Maker or Memory Maker One Day, as well as qualifying Annual Passholders with a Disney PhotoPass download benefit, can download the photos captured during Capture Your Moment from their Disney accounts at no extra cost.

If you’ve come to Magic Kingdom Park to celebrate, let Disney PhotoPass Service capture your special moment so you can cherish it for a lifetime!

No refund will apply for no-shows or cancellations made less than 24 hours before the session start time. Gratuity is not necessary. Prices and services offered are subject to change. Full payment is due at time of booking. Those who wish to capture photos with a photographer for longer than 20 minutes can book additional 20-minute sessions, with each session priced at $50. Additional time must be booked in advance. Capture Your Moment is only available during regular park hours. Available session locations will be provided by your photographer at the start of your session and are subject to change based on inclement weather and park operations. Because of other Guest appointments, Guests arriving late to their session cannot have their session extended beyond the stated end time. Guests under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older). Maximum party size is 8 per session. No wedding attire is permitted. Any Guest-supplied props need to abide by the Park Policies found here. Valid Theme Park admission required and not included in the session price. Photos are not included with the price of session. Prints and digital downloads can be purchased separately at Town Square Theater or online at

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by Mike and Jamie Sylvester

Catching those special moments with your own camera? Keep snapping those photos – but don’t stop there! We highly recommend you check into Disney’s PhotoPass Service. Disney’s PhotoPass provides you with the option of purchase photos taken by Cast Members at some of the most spectacular locations on Disney property. PhotoPass is offered to all guests at Disney! Whether you purchase individual photos, buy a package of photos (Memory Maker), or have an Annual Pass with the Memory Maker perk, Disney may just have an option that is perfect for you. It’s as easy as snapping a photo and scanning your MagicBand! Curious about more PhotoPass details? Read all about what you need to know about PhotoPass and Memory Maker. In the meantime, here are 8 reasons we suggest you use Disney PhotoPass.


1 – Ride Photos

You finally decide to take the plunge and embark on Tower of Terror… what better way to remember that moment of bravery (craziness?!) than with a ride photo of you screaming as you drop! Not only are many of Disney’s top attractions equipped with catching the most intense moment of the ride, but Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Tower of Terror are two rides that have a brief video for you to watch of yourself as you ride along. With PhotoPass, you have the opportunity to enjoy and remember spectacular ride photos that there is little chance you can capture with your own camera.

Ride Photos-1

2 – Convenience

When you know you have a PhotoPass package, the worry of pulling out your camera/phone is that last thing on your mind. It’s lovely visiting with characters or gathering with the family for a photo in front of the Castle without having to think twice if those great moments are going to be captured well enough with your device. Let the PhotoPass Cast Member take all the shots they want while you just smile away!

3 – Skilled Photographer

You may just be a photographer yourself, but for the majority of us… well, we may not have the gift of taking great photos! High-end cameras take the blur away, solve shadow problems, and remove typical lighting issues. We personally have yet to be disappointed with the pictures the PhotoPass Cast Members take. We enjoy seeing the great detail captured right down to being able to count the freckles of our daughter’s sweet face. It’s the precious details these skilled photographers are trained to catch.


4 – Prime Locations

Some of our favorite photo opportunity locations are covered by PhotoPass Cast Members. In front of the park icons, of course, but the PhotoPass areas are also located in some places you may not think to snap a photo. PhotoPass locations are listed on the Disney website so you can plan in advance to stop for a picture. The unique locations combined with excellent photographers make for fantastic photos!

Photographer Main Street

5 – Posing and Props

A PhotoPass Cast Members just might suggest a unique (or silly!) pose for you and/or your family. We’ve seen people asked to hold their new bride, put their arms up in excitement, flex their muscles, or blow kisses the camera’s way. Each PhotoPass Cast Member seems to be unique and have their own ideas to make the pictures extra special. On occasion, you will also see a PhotoPass Cast Member even holding a prop! Typically, a picture frame of sorts, you may be asked if you’d like to hold a prop for the photo. Of course, all posing and prop suggestions are entirely at your discretion. Let the Cast Member know you’d just like the basic pose, and your request will be fulfilled!

6 – Surprise Character Appearances

If a PhotoPass Cast Members asks you to hold out your hands and look down, go with it! When you go to review your photos, you might just end up with Tinkerbell right in the palm of your hands. In front of the Haunted Mansion? Watch out as hitchhiking ghosts seem to enjoy sneaking into those photos! Surprise character appearances are just fun little additions to an already exciting moment.

7 – Every Angle

A wide variety of photos are taken during a single session/pose, and each one seems to capture a different smile, look, or gesture. We love being able to browse the many options, such as photos taken from the moment you walk in the room to meet a character to your last hug with them. You can trust the photographer knows the right angles and is on the lookout for those perfect moments with the intent of providing a variety of options for you to browse.

8 – Enhancements

It’s time to download your photo or have one printed – add enhancements! In the Parks, you can visit a Photo Pass Studio to view, make edits, and purchase photos. On the PhotoPass site, you have several enhancement options. Add the words “Walt Disney World” to your image, select your favorite border, or even add a date. Many neat selections just add a hint of pixie dust to your already magical photo.

PhotoPass or no PhotoPass, you are sure to enjoy endless memories at Disney. The benefit to PhotoPass is to catch those memories in a professional sense and relish the hassle-free process that goes with it.

For a no obligation, FREE Quote on a Disney vacation package, please contact our travel partner Magical Vacation Planner at 407-442-0227 (407-442-0215 for Spanish). You can also request a FREE quote online by Clicking HERE.


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