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Top 7 Entertainment to See at EPCOT at Disney World

Entertainment and Disney World go hand in hand. It seems you can’t turn around without finding something or someone performing a show, interacting with guests, and overall bringing joy, wonder, and awe to everyone who sets foot in one of the theme parks. Epcot is no different. In fact, one could argue that Epcot offers more entertainment than all of the other parks together. It is difficult to narrow down a list of the entertainment offerings at Epcot. There’s something for everyone from water to fire! So, we’ve compiled a list – not an exhaustive list by any means – of some of the top entertainment found in and around the world, both present, and Future!  The entertainment listed will always make us stop our touring to engage and enjoy the show.


7 – Serveur AmusantFrench Pavilion

To be completely transparent we spend most of our time in France drooling over the pastries, but there is more to this pavilion than decadent desserts. They have a min Eiffel Tower, and you can event meet Aurora! All of those are good reasons to plan extra time in France (and the wines!) but for true entertainment, you won’t want to miss Serveur Amusant. These acrobats will dazzle with their incredible balance and coordination. With as many as six shows a day, plan to be there as they stack and climb higher than you thought possible on chairs – and they make it look easy! We’ll keep our two feet on the ground while balancing a delicious pastry in one hand and refreshing drink in the other.

6 – The Jeweled Dragon AcrobatsChinese Pavilion

During our last trip to Epcot we were touring the pavilion in China and we noticed an older couple sitting in their scooters in front of an empty stage. After our short tour, we came out and they were still waiting. We asked what they were waiting for and with a huge smile on their faces, they explained how wonderful the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats are. They wanted to make sure they have a front row seat for the next performance still 25 minutes away. According to the Disney website the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats, “perform breathtaking feats of strength, agility, and balance.” This description does no justice to what you will witness on that stage area! After watching the show we understood why the couple we spoke with was there so early and so eager to see it again. They said it was their favorite thing in all of Disney and, though it might not be our favorite in ALL of Disney, you won’t regret the time spent enjoying their performance.

5 – British RevolutionUnited Kingdom Pavilion

We often dine at Rose and Crown Pub (get a 7:30 pm reservation and ask to sit on the patio – great view for Epcot Forever) and arrive early to submit our request for patio seating. It never fails that, while waiting, we are able to enjoy this UK cover band playing classics from across the pond. They bring the noise and the funk and you’ll see people dancing in the streets (because of the music, not too many beers!). One of our fondest memories and best Disney vacation pictures is of our daughter and her grandfather dancing like nobody’s watching to the great sounds of this band. Disney offers a lot of musical acts, but you’ll certainly want to spend some time listening and dancing along!


4 – Oktoberfest MusikantenGerman Pavilion

We discovered this show by accident, but boy are we glad we did! We dined at the Biergarten during lunch one afternoon with friends and while filling up on sauerkraut we enjoyed a genuine Oktoberfest celebration! Described as a live German Oompah band, the instruments, songs, and shouts will make you feel as if you’re sitting in a “local’s only” part of Munich. The talent these men possess is impressive and entertaining. There is no better way to enjoy a German meal than by being serenaded and entertained with music from an Alphorn.  Check the showtimes and make your reservation 20 minutes prior so that you can have your plate of food set while enjoying this show. 

3 – JAMMitorsFuture World

Strolling through Future World you’ll find three men and a trash can…well… three trash cans. The JAMMinators are incredible percussionists who bring a beat to the middle of Future World. Attracting crowds no matter where they set up shop, these drumming ‘janitors’ are impressive to watch and listen to. Many are former Drum Corps International (DCI) performers with a passion for percussion. If you know a bit about DCI shows that should give validity and credibility to their talents. These are more than guys banging on trash cans. Watch and be amazed! Our kids love it too!


2 – Voices of LibertyAmerican Pavilion

Inside the American Pavilion (and not on the American Garden stage for select performances) the Voices of Liberty is/are an a cappella group of singers offering a patriotic tribute. Our parents first introduced us to this chorale group inside the American Pavilion and we have been visiting ever since. The acoustics inside the pavilion are incredible and only add to the ambiance of the Voices of Liberty. The pavilion is also air conditioned so on those hot days it doubles as a great place to cool off. Singers are dressed in 1800s attire and will warm your heart with American classics. We know this is a list of top entertainment, but this one really sets the bar high!

1 -Epcot Forever

“Epcot Forever” features soaring fireworks, inspiring music, lasers and colorful glowing kites flying above World Showcase Lagoon. Since the show continues the tradition of a nighttime spectacular over the lagoon, it means like Illuminations, you can watch the show from anywhere around World Showcase. This means you can go to your favorite viewing spot for Illuminations and get the same great experience. Even better, since there is not a central focal point, like the globe in Illuminations, you’ll be able to have a great view of the show really anywhere, because most of the fireworks are effects are high in the sky. You don’t want to miss this show!

There are countless shows, performances, and acts to see throughout Epcot and these are only a few of the top ones on our list. Some of the seasonal ones are incredible as well (Candlelight Processional). We couldn’t fit everyone’s favorite into one list so, what are some of your top entertainment picks for Epcot?

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