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A One Day Plan: The Must-Do Attractions At The Magic Kingdom in Disney World

When many guests are planning their Walt Disney World vacations, they decide to spend the most time enjoying the Magic Kingdom. This park opened with the Walt Disney World Resort in 1971 and features countless attractions that are both classic and thrilling. Guests who spend time in the Magic Kingdom can travel to outer space, the Wild West, exotic jungles, and worlds of fantasy without ever leaving the park. With so many amazing experiences to be had in the Magic Kingdom, no guest can see it all in one day, but they can definitely see a good amount if they plan ahead accordingly. From booking the right FastPasses to visiting certain attractions at specific times, there is definitely a way to see as many must-do attractions as possible on a day in the Magic Kingdom. Here is the one day plan to see as many must-do experiences in the Magic Kingdom as possible!

Editor’s Note: During the phased reopening of Walt Disney World, FastPass+ is temporarily suspended.


1 – Jungle Cruise

Guests who want to make the most of a day in the Magic Kingdom should arrive immediately when the park opens and head towards Adventureland first. The first attraction of the day should be the world-famous Jungle Cruise, which is loved by many guests but usually has a low wait time in the early mornings. Guests who enjoy the attraction can explore the exotic rivers and jungles of the world while laughing and groaning at the corny jokes told by the skippers along the way.

2 – Pirates of the Caribbean

After disembarking the Jungle Cruise, guests should head right next door in Adventureland to enjoy the classic Pirates of the Caribbean. This attraction invites guests to set sail with swashbuckling pirates as they ransack a burning seaside village. Guests can travel through ominous caves, spot Captain Jack Sparrow, and sing along to “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)” throughout their journey.

3 – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Guests should next head over to Frontierland to enjoy a duo of thrilling attractions in the early morning before the crowds get heavier and wait times get longer. The first attraction is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which brings guests on the wildest ride in the wilderness through the mining town of Tumbleweed. After boarding mine trains, guests careen through bat-filled caverns and past plenty of creatures and dinosaur bones for an adventure that is a must-do in the Magic Kingdom.

Big Thunder Train

4 – Splash Mountain

Found right next door to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is Splash Mountain, which guarantees to get guests wet while joining Br’er Rabbit on an adventure. Guests board logs and float through scenes that feature singing animal audio-animatronics and plenty of drops. The final thrilling drop on Splash Mountain brings guests down into the thorny Briar Patch with a splash big enough to get everyone wet! Enjoying Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the mornings is key to getting the most out a day in the Magic Kingdom as both attractions will still have relatively low wait times.


5 – Haunted Mansion

The attraction with perhaps the biggest guest following in the Magic Kingdom that is a total must-do is the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square. The attraction brings guests through an interactive graveyard and into an ominous mansion where nine hundred and ninety-nine happy haunts cause eerie happenings. Guests who are brave enough to enjoy the Haunted Mansion can meet beloved characters like the disembodied Ghost Host, Madame Leota, and Constance, the murderous bride. With hitchhiking ghosts following them home and the classic tune “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” the Haunted Mansion is a must-do on a day in the Magic Kingdom,

6 – It’s A Small World

When many guests picture the Magic Kingdom, they immediately think of the classic It’s A Small World in Fantasyland. The attraction is the happiest cruise that ever sailed and brings guests on around the world journey with hundreds of audio-animatronic dolls singing the classic song “It’s A Small World (After All).” With beloved scenes, music, and dolls, It’s A Small World is a must-do in the Magic Kingdom and usually does not have a long wait time thanks to its two separate loading docks.

Small World-Dutch

7 – Peter Pan’s Flight

Found right across from It’s A Small World is another classic attraction which is a favorite of many guests. Peter Pan’s Flight brings guests through the Darling’s home and sprinkles them with pixie dust before inviting them to soar high over the skies of London and Neverland with Peter and the Darling children. Guests can enjoy familiar scenes like mermaid lagoon and Captain Hook’s ship while reliving the classic Disney animated film. Since Peter Pan’s Flight is extremely popular with guests and relatively slow loading, it usually has a very long wait time. Guests who want to make the most out of a day in the Magic Kingdom and still enjoy the attraction should book a FastPass for the experience.

8 – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Editor’s Note: During the phased reopening of Walt Disney World, FastPass+ is temporarily suspended.

One of the newest and most popular experiences in the Magic Kingdom can be found in the middle of New Fantasyland. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train brings guests into the mines where the Seven Dwarfs work and lets them sing along to “High Ho” when the workday is done. With beautiful views of the surrounding area and gently swaying mine carts, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a must-do in the Magic Kingdom. Since the attraction is so popular, guests will need to FastPass the experience to enjoy it with little to no wait time instead of losing hours waiting on the standby line.

9 – Dumbo The Flying Elephant

A classic experience that guests can’t skip in the Magic Kingdom is Dumbo, the Flying Elephant. Many guests don’t consider it a Disney vacation without at least one ride on the attraction. Guests can enjoy an interactive play area inside a massive circus tent before boarding a Dumbo on either of the beautiful spinners. Once airborne, guests can enjoy stunning views of Storybook Circus and New Fantasyland while flying high with Dumbo.


10 – Space Mountain

Editor’s Note: During the phased reopening of Walt Disney World, FastPass+ is temporarily suspended.

The final must-do experience on a day in the Magic Kingdom can be found in Tomorrowland. Space Mountain brings guests to the intergalactic hub Starport 75 to board rockets and blast off on their own out of this world adventure. With near darkness, sudden twists and turns, and a few daring drops, Space Mountain is a thrilling adventure that can’t be missed. Like Peter Pan’s Flight and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain tends to have very long wait times thanks to its popularity. So guests are smart to book a FastPass for the experience to save time that would have been lost waiting on the standby line.

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Caitlin Corsello is a huge fan of Walt Disney World and has been visiting yearly since she was an infant. With many trips under her belt, she loves to take her time in the parks and discover lots of small details and secrets in between attractions. When not learning about the history of Walt Disney World, Caitlin loves to eat and drink at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, sip on a Lapu Lapu at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and stroll through the streets of Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. In between trips, Caitlin resides in New York working as a Teaching Assistant in a Pre-K classroom.
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