Top 10 Ways to Make Someone’s Day at Disney World

Who’s in the mood to make magic? Sure, Cast Members do an excellent job of this and even get paid to do so – but anyone can make someone’s day while at Disney! Stranger, friend, foe – it’s really pretty simple. So, let’s get to magic-making… here are our top ten ways to make someone’s day at Disney!


1 – Have a Magical Day!

Disney is one place you can tell someone to have a magical day and not receive strange looks in return! We all feel warm and fuzzy when Cast Members tell us to have a magical day, so why not do that for a fellow Disney fan in the park or at your Disney resort? See a celebration pin? Wishing someone a Happy Birthday or Anniversary, for example, is a great and easy way to make someone’s day.

2 – Look – It’s a Princess!

As we walk around the park, it’s hard not to notice the vast amount of little Princesses and Pirates at Disney. One of our favorite things to do is acknowledge the child that is dressed so wonderfully. We simply say something to our daughter, like, “Look! It’s Princess Elsa!” Our daughter usually follows it up with – “She’s beautiful!” Of course, we purposely do this all in earshot and enjoy the glow on the child’s (and parents!) faces. Another fun trick to this is to ask the princess or pirate for their autograph!

3 – A Helping Hand

Another way to make someone’s day is to help them out in some of the simplest of ways. Have you ever noticed a parent struggling to carry their children plus their food tray at a quick-service restaurant? Offer to carry their tray to their table for them. Maybe you’ve noticed someone trying to find a spot to put their stroller among the crowded stroller parking areas? If you see an extra place or are leaving and can offer them yours… go for it! Look for the little moments where a helping hand is needed.

4 – Map Guidance

Alright, Disney regulars! Here’s an easy way for you to step up and make someone’s day! Have you ever noticed a guest looking at a Disney map as if it’s a road map to nowhere, all written in Greek? Or maybe they are standing there just looking around in a bewildered way? Here’s your chance to be their superhero for the day! Ask them where they are headed or where they would like to go, and direct them towards that direction.

5 – Drink Up

It’s HOT in Florida. Ok, that’s an understatement – it’s REALLY HOT in Florida. Water should be your best friend while venturing off at Disney. If you see someone that just looks like they are in need of a good drink, you may have the time and chance to offer them a drink of water. Quick service locations provide fountain water for free! We sometimes carry a few bottled water with us as well, that we’ve been happy to give out from time to time.


6 – Offer to Take a Picture

Super easy, and only takes a minute! Offer to take a picture for an individual or family. There have been plenty of times we’ve come across a group of folks trying to squeeze in for a selfie. Be their photographer for a moment (unless they are just simply looking for that selfie look).

7 – Extra, Extra

Before we head to Disney, we typically make a quick trip by the dollar store and snag some extra snacks, toys, glow sticks, and even ponchos in case the need arises. If you are in line with a grumpy child, the parent is trying to wrestle with, offer them a simple toy to keep (with their mom/dad’s ok first). Glow sticks are fun to pass out to kids during any of the firework displays at Disney. We’ve also been in situations when rain is beating down, and we all have ponchos, but still have a few extra dollar ponchos with us. If you see a family in need and don’t have a need yourself – give them a poncho. Make someone’s day with the extras!

8 – Offering a Seat

This one may seem obvious, but we’ve seen several occasions on buses, the monorail, and even the boat transportation system when a pregnant lady, elderly person, or child is left without a seat. If you are able to stand comfortably and offer someone your seat, this simple gesture could make their day!

9 – Down in Front

Giving ample time to wait for a parade or fireworks to save a spot is highly recommended at Disney. If you are able to secure that awesome spot, but sure you are still considerate of the folks behind you – especially any kiddos. Offer for kids to stand in front of you or maybe sit down on the curb so the people behind you can see. Such a simple way to let someone else experience the magic too!

10 – Keep it Sweet 

Our final top idea for ways to make someone’s day at Disney (and one of the most important) is to be polite. Please! See what we did right there? Simple words like please and thank you with a smile go a long way for Cast Members and for fellow Disney guests. Even if you’re Anger side is lurking, try to think happy thoughts and that Joy attitude is sure to follow.

What are some of your favorite ways to make someone’s day at Disney? We’d love to hear from you!

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Matt & Kim

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