Top 10 Items to Pack in Your Park Bag for Disney World

Planning for a Disney World vacation can be overwhelming. In the craziness of getting everything together, you may overlook the simple task of packing your day bag. Whether it be a purse, backpack, diaper bag, or fanny pack, you’ll want to bring a small bag into the park to carry some essential items. We’ve found that having these items on hand is well worth the extra few minutes of going through bag check. Here are the top 10 items to pack in your day bag for Disney World.


10 – Phone Charger

With more and more of us using our smartphones for Disney World Apps and taking pictures, it’s likely that you will need to charge your phone at some point during the day while visiting Disney World. You’ll want to pack a phone charger and or better yet, a portable charger to help you get through the day.

9 – Sharpie Pen

We’ve found that having a Sharpie in our bag is a necessity. These markers are great for character signatures and for putting names on drinks and other items. You may even want to pack a few extra just in case.

8 – Sunscreen

Florida is named for the Sunshine State for a reason. You’ll want some protection from that abundant sunshine, even in winter! UV rays can burn on cloudy days too, so you really have no excuse! Especially for our welcome visitors from the north and UK (They’re easy to spot. Look for the fluorescent glow framed by ghostly white from where yesterday’s shirt covered.), this is important. While available for purchase throughout Disney World, you’ll save money by bringing your own, less expensive sunscreen. And don’t think that applying once at 8 am as you’re leaving the room will cut it. Between the water rides, sweating, rain and of course the typical 2-hour effectiveness, that 8 am layer will be wearing off right about the time things get turned up to high. Bottom line, you need to reapply so have it in your bag.


7 – Hand Sanitizer

Even before the global pandemic, it was a good idea to have your own hand sanitizer with you. Even with reduced capacity at Disney World, germs are everywhere. Once we watched in horror as a sniffley nosed little prince literally licked they entire handrail in line for the train (true story). While my family is usually healthy, one of us seems to pick up a bug every time we visit. To fight these germs, I’ve learned to start carrying hand sanitizer with me. It may not be possible to wash hands when needed, so a quick squirt of hand sanitizer can do the trick. While Disney has many hand washing and sanitizer stations, you’ll want to have your own supply so you can use it at any time.

6 – Hand Towel

A small hand towel or even a washcloth is a great thing to have handy. If it rains, you can dry seats off. If it’s crazy hot, you can wipe your face dry or wet, it and lay across the back of your neck. A hand towel is a secret to surviving the parks in the Florida heat. You never know when you’ll need a small towel. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it has a lot of uses.

5 – Sunglasses

You’ll enjoy sunny Florida more with some eye protection. Before I lived in Florida I rarely, if ever, wore sunglasses. However, the sun must really shine brighter in the Sunshine State, because I now rarely ever skip wearing sunglasses. To keep from having a headache at the end of the day, be sure to bring some sunglasses.

4 – Snacks

Disney snacks can be expensive, and the cost can add up quickly. One way to keep costs down is to bring your own small snacks into the park. Granola bars, goldfish, pretzels, and crackers all make great snacks that won’t melt in the heat. They can also help pass the time in line. To help stave off hunger and keep costs down, pack some (non-melting) snacks.

3 – Water Bottle

No matter what time of year, you need to drink lots and lots of water during the day at Disney World. You’ll need even more water during the summer months. A bottle of water costs $2.50 at Disney. If you bought bottles of water for each member of your party, every time you needed one, you would quickly be spending an insane amount of money on water. A better way is to bring your own small water bottle and refill it as needed at one of the many water fountains throughout the parks and resorts. If you forget a water bottle, you can always buy one bottle and then refill that one throughout the day.

2 – Umbrella or Rain Poncho

Probably the most essential item you can carry with you at Disney World is an umbrella or rain poncho. This is a tropical climate, and during most of the year, it rains almost every single day. Storms can come out of nowhere in Central Florida, and you don’t want to be unprepared. Even if it’s sunny, don’t be fooled. We’ve been in a rain shower with a bright sky and zero clouds! It was crazy. If you don’t want to be sopping wet, then be prepared. For more tips on dealing with the rain at Disney World click here.

1 – Extra Face Masks

Wearing a face covering in public is a great way to do your part to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. If you’re visiting Walt Disney World during the phased reopening, wearing a face-covering is required. You will not be allowed into the parks, resorts, or Disney Springs without one. Better than having just one, is having a few extras for your whole family, especially if you are visiting in the hot summer. After a while, you’ll be more comfortable throughout the long day in the park if you have one or two fresh face masks to use throughout the day.

Bonus Tip

Backpacks work great for your day as they leave both hands free and as long as they aren’t overloaded, you can forget it’s there. Whatever bag you choose, make sure you have the above items plus any special needs (medications, etc.) you may require. Besides being prepared for the basic needs of a full day of touring, having a day bag is terribly convenient for all the small items like trading pins, pressed pennies, and other souvenirs you accumulate throughout the day. Limit yourself to one or two bags for your group and take turns carrying them and you won’t regret it.

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