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7 Secrets of The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is a theme park full of amazing experiences waiting to wow guests. Those who spend time in the park can enjoy many different lands that are filled with attractions, entertainment, dining, and shopping. Each land has a specific theme that is conveyed to guests through details, architecture, artwork, and props, making them feel transported to different places in time and location.

One of the best things about the Magic Kingdom is the number of details that are hidden in plain sight in front of guests, which are considered secrets. These secrets can be historical in nature, pay homage to extinct attractions, and even feature some Hidden Mickeys. Guests love finding secrets while enjoying a long day in the parks, so here are seven secrets of the Magic Kingdom to spot on any Walt Disney World vacation.


1 – Windows of Main Street

When guests first enter into the Magic Kingdom, they move down Main Street towards Cinderella Castle and the rest of the park. Main Street is themed to feel like a classic American town at the turn of the century and features everything from a bakery to the massive Emporium. Like any small town, there are plenty of local businesses and townsfolk who provide services. Guests who walk down Main Street can look up the second floor of each building to notice windows that advertise these local businesses. While the windows might look like fake advertisements to add details to the area, they actually pay tribute to individuals who were instrumental in the creation and development of Walt Disney World. Guests can look for essential names in Disney history like Walt Disney, Yale Gracey, Card Walker, Elias Disney, and Frank Wells.

2 – Magnetics

Guests who visit Tomorrowland can take a whirl on the highway in the sky for a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover brings guests on a smooth and relaxing journey of Tomorrowland and offers beautiful views along the way. Guests can have unique views of all of Tomorrowland and Cinderella Castle as well as sneak peeks into attractions like Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. While the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is a very smooth ride, guests might be surprised to learn that it is entirely powered by magnets! The attraction utilizes a linear induction system that features magnets embedded into the track that seamlessly push and pull each attraction vehicle.

People Mover Track

3 – A Progressive Hidden Mickey

Nearby in Tomorrowland is the classic Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, which invites guests to travel through the 1900s alongside a typical American family. Along the way, guests can observe how progress has made life more convenient and easier with new inventions, technology, and traditions. The final scene of the attraction showcases the family in modern times gathered around the Christmas tree for the holidays. Guests who look closely in this scene can spot several Hidden Mickeys, including one hiding underneath the Christmas tree waiting to be given as a present!

4 – Pirate’s Chess

A favorite attraction of many guests in the Magic Kingdom is Pirates of the Caribbean, which brings guests into the Castillo del Morro to set sail with swashbuckling pirates. Once onboard the attraction, guests can observe eerie caves, a thrilling drop, and a burning seaside village while singing along to “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me).” Before even boarding their boats, guests move through a beautifully themed queue passing by several jail cells located behind bars on the sides of the walkways. Those who enter Pirates of the Caribbean via the FastPass+ side of the queue can spot a duo of skeletal pirates who are locked for eternity in a chess game that ended with a stalemate.


5 – Ravenscroft

The Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square is one of the most classic attractions in all of Walt Disney World, and guests love entering into the spooky house to be chilled by the nine hundred and ninety-nine happy haunts. Before entering into the mansion and meeting the ghostly residents, guests move through an interactive graveyard featuring Master Gracey’s tombstone, a sneezing sea captain, and an impressive organ. Guests who look closely at the ghoulish organ will notice many great details, including the name Ravenscroft. The name might seem random, but it pays tribute to Thurl Ravenscroft, a voice actor who gave his talents to the attraction as the lead singing bust in the famous graveyard scene.

Ravenscroft organ-2

6 – An Important Portrait

Fantasyland is home to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, where guests can board Hunny pots and head directly into the 100 Acre Woods. Along the way, guests can bounce with Tigger, see all of their favorite characters, and find some Heffalumps and woozles. Guests who look closely in the scene featuring Owl’s treehouse can spot a portrait of Owl being handed a deed by Mr. Toad. Before The Many Adventures of Winnie, the Pooh was constructed, the site was occupied by the attraction Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and the portrait pays homage to the previous tenant.

Paw Prints

7 – Paw Prints

Guests who visit the Magic Kingdom love to dine at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant on Main Street just inside the gates. The restaurant is based on the classic Tony’s from Lady and the Tramp and serves up traditional Italian favorites in a beautiful setting. A great secret detail for guests to enjoy near the restaurant is a set of paw prints in the cement commemorating the love between Lady and the Tramp. The paw prints can be found outside the front of the restaurant and are a great touch to the overall theme!

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Katy is a huge fan of Walt Disney World and has been visiting yearly since she was an infant. With many trips under her belt, she loves to take her time in the parks and discover lots of small details and secrets in between attractions.
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