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8 Reasons We Love Main Street in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Of all the theme parks in Walt Disney World, none is as special and full of wonder as the Magic Kingdom. The park opened with the Walt Disney World Resort in 1971 and has been creating wonderful and lasting memories for guests ever since. The Magic Kingdom is divided into several lands that are filled with attractions, entertainment, dining, and shopping that transport guests to different places in time, space, and imagination. One of the most magical areas of the park is Main Street, which is the first land that guests encounter after walking through the gates. The land is themed to feel like the turn of the century and features beautiful details that are sure to charm guests. From shopping and entertainment to beautiful architecture and details, there are plenty of reasons why guests love spending time on Main Street. Here are eight reasons why we love Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.


1 – View of Cinderella Castle

Guests who spend time on Main Street love to pause anywhere along the pavement to enjoy a perfect view of Cinderella Castle. The iconic structure is framed by the buildings of the land and soars high into the sky in the distance, adding depth and something to draw guests in. While Cinderella Castle can be spotted from throughout the Magic Kingdom, the best views are from Main Street!

2 – Smell of Popcorn

Perhaps no experience is as familiar to guests as the smell of popcorn greeting them as they emerge onto Main Street from the entrance of the Magic Kingdom. The comforting and familiar smell is sure to leave guests’ mouths watering and quickly becomes associated with the land in their minds. The old fashioned popcorn cart can usually be found near Town Hall in Town Square.

3 – Sharing The Magic

Main Street is home to many locations that make for great photo opportunities, including a statue with plenty of historical meaning. Guests who wander around and explore Main Street can spot a statue that features Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse sitting together on a park bench. The stature is called Sharing the Magic and was sculpted by Blaine Gibson, who also created the famous Partners statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse found in front of Cinderella Castle. The Sharing the Magic statue is a great tribute to the supporting roles that Roy Disney and Minnie have and also is a great place for guests to pose for photos.

Roy and Minnie

4 – The Emporium

Almost one entire side of Main Street is dedicated to a massive shopping location that guests are sure to love while visiting the Magic Kingdom. The Emporium is themed to be like a turn of the century general store and features beautiful details, props, and architecture through several different rooms. Guests who spend time browsing the Main Street store can purchase clothing, toys, accessories, housewares, picture frames, collectibles, jewelry, and keepsakes. With so many fantastic items to peruse, the Emporium is one of the best thing about Main Street!

5 – Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Found on the end of Main Street on the right-hand side is the perfect place to enjoy a cool and refreshing treat on a hot day in the Magic Kingdom. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor offers up hand-scooped ice cream treats that are sure to leave guests totally satisfied. Guests who visit the location can enjoy concoctions like the Plaza Ice Cream Sundae, Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, and the All-American Sundae.


6 – Background Music

One detail that adds to the overall charm of Main Street is the beautiful background music that can be heard playing at all times. The music is exclusive to this area of the park and features plenty of classic Disney music and attraction songs in upbeat instrumental versions. Guests will feel right at home at the turn of the century as they enjoy unique renditions of some of their favorite Disney tunes. While walking down Main Street.

7 – Windows of Main Street

Guests who wander down Main Street will notice that many of the windows featured on the buildings have advertisements for all kinds of local businesses and townspeople. While the windows might seem like fictional advertisements, they actually pay homage to individuals who were instrumental in the construction, development, and creation of the Magic Kingdom. Each window honors an individual who contributed to the park in some way and often ties into a hobby or characteristic of that individual. For example, one of Walt Disney’s windows can be found about the railroad station as he was an avid fan of trains.

Windows on Main Street

8 – Walt Disney World Railroad

When guests first enter into the Magic Kingdom and start to approach Main Street, they are immediately greeted with the grand Walt Disney World Railroad. The attraction runs on a loop around the entire exterior of the Magic Kingdom and features three stations in Main Street, Frontierland, and Storybook Circus. Guests who pause on Main Street can enjoy hearing the roar of the Walt Disney World Railroad as the trains pull into the station and can hop aboard to enjoy a scenic tour of the entire park.

Editors Note: Walt Disney World Railroad is currently closed due to Tron Lightcylcle Run construction. No word on when the railroad will reopen.

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