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9 Things Disney World Fans Dream About

Disney is all about making dreams come true! Dream big or dream small – here are 9 things we hear the most often that Disney World Fans dream about.


1 – Staying the Night in Cinderella Castle Suite

Oh please – if we could only be selected to stay a night at the Cinderella Castle – just once! We’re pretty sure anyone and everyone would jump on the chance to stay the night in the lavish Dream Suite hotel room designed for specially selected guests. Unfortunately, this dream is highly unlikely for most of us, as sweepstakes winners and randomly selected guests are chosen for this night of dreams come true!

2 – Unlimited Visits

Many friends and family dream of visiting Disney any time they need a dose of magic. With the Disney Platinum Plus Pass, guests can enjoy Disney World Parks with no blackout dates – plus take advantage of the water parks. While this annual pass is spectacular, we do understand finances can be an issue. Our dream would be to win unlimited visits to Disney any time we’d like!

Passholder Card

3 – Free Dining

This Disney dream is one that can come true! Disney offers promotional packages that provide free dining throughout select times of the year when staying at specific locations and purchasing tickets. It’s a great perk and helps on the budget. Dreaming of Disney food is an everyday norm in our family – but getting it for free – sign us up!

4 – Staying at A Deluxe Resort

Deluxe Resorts are Disney’s top of the line places to stay. They have awesome proximately to the parks, easy transportation, spectacular dining, and great guest services. If you plan properly, visit Disney during off-season times, and put money aside in a vacation account, you may just be able to make this dream a reality.


5 – Being the Parade Family / Grand Marshals

A common question Disney fans ask is how do we become the Magic Kingdom Parade Family / Grand Marshals? Once again, the family is randomly selected. You could be picked out of the crowd by a specific Cast Member or asked at the park entrance. They say your odds increase if you are one of the first at the gates before Magic Kingdom opens. Fun clothing (such as matching Disney outfits) and excited personality are said to help your chances. Good luck trying!

6 – Behind the Scenes Access

How does this work? How about that? Did that really just happen – how?! The more we explore Disney, the more we want to know more about the ins and outs of the magic. We are fascinated with the technology and detailed thought process behind each design, attraction, and grand event. Disney does offer some behind the scenes tours that can help you get some of your questions answered. Despite these tours, some Disney magic remains knowledge to only the Mouse!

7 – Dining Reservations at Be Our Guest

Editor’s Note: During the phased reopening of Walt Disney World, the dining booking window is 60 days out.

We giggle a little with this one because we know many Disney fans want dinner reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom – and we know their pain! This dream has great odds of coming true with careful planning. If you are a Disney Resort guest, be prepared to book your Be Our Guest reservation 180-days in advance of your resort check-in date (plus 10 days) at either 6:00 am online or at 7:00 am by calling Disney Dining. Try the grey stuff!

Be Our Guest Grand Ballroom-2

8 – Unlimited FastPass+

Editor’s Note: During the phased reopening of Walt Disney World, FastPass+ is temporarily suspended.

Disney is constantly developing its FastPass+ system. We love selecting three FastPasses that let us bypass the standby line, followed by adding an additional FastPass+ as needed. We do dream however of having unlimited FastPasses! Can you imagine jumping to the front of every line at any time of the day? Obviously, an unrealistic dream for standard Disney guests, but fun to think about.

9 – Disney World Controls the Thermostat

You may have heard the wild rumor that Disney has the ability to control the temperature at their parks. Ok, this is 100% a rumor – except for within the buildings! Disney does not have a thermostat control to turn down the Florida heat or turn off the rain. That would be incredible though, wouldn’t it?! This is one dream that we simply can’t see coming to fruition – but we’ll keep wishing.

What are your Disney dreams? We’re going to start wishing upon some stars!

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