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10 Things We’re Thankful for at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World vacations are amazing, and we are thankful anytime that we are lucky enough to be able to plan a vacation and visit. There are also various aspects of Walt Disney World that we are definitely thankful for once we arrive. Here are our top 10 things to be thankful for at Walt Disney World:


10 – Character meet and greets.

Editor’s Note: During the phased reopening of Walt Disney World, character greetings are temporarily suspended. You’ll see characters come through each park in short parades. Click here for more information on how to see characters during the phased reopening.

Walt Disney World wouldn’t be the same without all of the fantastic characters and the opportunity to meet and greet with them. You can meet and greet with many of the different characters from all of the classic Disney films. The photos and autographs make fantastic souvenirs to commemorate your trip.

9 – Delicious meals and treats.

There is something extremely magical about Disney food. There are so many amazing options, with many of them prepared by world-renowned chefs. There are unique options that you won’t find at anywhere else. There are so many delicious meals and treats that we crave and must have every time that we are back at Walt Disney World.

8 – The theme parks.

Editor’s Note: During the phased reopening of Walt Disney World, Typhoon Lagoon is closed, however, Blizzard Beach is now open. Click here to learn more about visiting Blizzard Beach during the phased reopening. 

One of the main things that make Walt Disney World so amazing are the 4 major theme parks, plus the 2 water parks. The parks are where guests will find the shows and attractions. There are so many amazing experiences for guests to have that it is unlikely to experience every single thing at a single park in just one day.

Photo Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

7 – Free transportation all over Walt Disney World.

Who doesn’t love getting something free? When you are on Walt Disney World property, you can use the free transportation to get all over property. There are buses, boats, and monorail transportation options, not to mention the Disney Skyliner, to choose from, and all of them are free. You don’t even have to be staying at a Walt Disney World resort in order to use the transportation, either. It is an extremely convenient way to get around property if you don’t want to have to drive and park.

6 – Mickey ears and other fun merchandise.

We have our various merchandise collections for each of our trips, and we love checking out all of the great merchandise. There is just about everything you can think of, with all of it perfectly themed to Disney attractions, characters, theme parks, etc. We like to collect Mickey ears, picture frames, and ornaments. There are so many great items that you could get into all kinds of different collections. Shopping for merchandise is one of our favorite pastimes every trip.


5 – Classic attractions.

We are so glad that Disney stays true to some of the classic attractions that we absolutely love. There are attractions that Walt Disney actually inspired and even worked on. These attractions are an iconic part of Walt Disney World, and we are thankful that many of them remain at the Magic Kingdom where we can enjoy them year after year.

4 – Amazing cast members.

A Disney vacation definitely wouldn’t be as magical without all of the amazing cast members. The cast members do so much to go above and beyond to create magical moments and memories for guests. They see to every need of guests and offer some of the best customer service that you will ever receive. They definitely need to be more appreciated than they are.

3 – Vacation packages that suit a variety of budgets.

Disney can definitely be a very expensive vacation, but there are vacation package options to suit all budgets. We are so thankful for the different promotions that Disney runs to help make the vacations more affordable, especially promotions like the “Free Dining” promotion. There are multiple resorts, tickets, and dining options to allow guests to help create a vacation package that will meet their budget.

Photo Credit: Disney

2 – My Disney Experience

Now that we have My Disney Experience accounts and Magic Bands, we wouldn’t want to have to go with without them! The addition of My Disney Experience allows us to have every reservation and vacation selection linked within the account and then synced with the Magic Bands so that the vacation experience is seamless. This prevents guests from needing to have more than their cell phone and Magic Band on them at a given time to access every aspect of their vacation.

1 – Disney Dining Plan options.

Editor’s Note: During the phased reopening of Walt Disney World, dining plans are temporarily not available.

We are thankful that the Disney Dining Plan is an offering, plus the fact that there are multiple options to choose from. Guests are able to select the dining plan that best fits within their budget and dining preferences. We love adding one of the dining plans to our vacation package to give the vacation a more all-inclusive feel. The cost of Disney food adds up quickly, so it is nice to have it all pre-paid in advance so that we don’t have to worry about it!

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