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6 Tips & Tricks for Taking Photos at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

On your way to Magic Kingdom? Hopefully, you’re ready to “say cheese” because Magic Kingdom is Disney World’s most magical place to capture those once-in-a-lifetime photos. Here are a few tips and tricks for making the most of taking photos at Magic Kingdom.


1 – Iconic Areas Vs. Not So Popular Spots

Both! Iconic areas are a must-do on our list of Magic Kingdom photos because well, it is Magic Kingdom after all! Be sure to snap photos at some of the iconic locations within the park such as in front of the Cinderella Castle, the Sword in the Stone, Main Street U.S.A., Walt and Mickey “Partners” Statue in the hub, and Roy (Walt’s brother) and Minnie near the flag pole on Main Street. For those not-so-popular spots, but still fantastic – think about what perks your interest within the park? For example, we love the new Gardens at Magic Kingdom. They are absolutely beautiful so why not take a group photo there? If you have a favorite attraction or restaurant, take a photo at the entrance –  just make it quick so you don’t hold up the line. You can never have too many photos so “say cheese” until your heart is content!

Sword in the Stone

2 – Try Different Times of the Day

If you are the type that likes to open and close the park, you may want to double up on your favorite photo locations as the atmosphere around you will likely be much different as the day goes on. For example, in the morning – the blue sky surrounding the Castle is perfect. However, at night the Castle glows with thousands of beautiful lights. It’s just a completely different look – making for a completely different photo depending on the day! TIP – one of our favorite places to take photos at night is the Tomorrowland Terrace. The bright lights in this section of the park are just awesome.

3 – Do A Little Ride Photo Research

Which Magic Kingdom attractions have the photos on the rides and which ones don’t? Do a little bit of research on which rides have the photos and where on the rides they are located. It’s fun to know so you can make a silly face or simply leave your face as terrified as you’d like! Whether you are plummeting down Splash Mountain or flying through Space Mountain – don’t forget these ride photos might just be the best ones out of the bunch!


4 – Corral The Troops First Thing

Take our advice, when traveling with a large group it’s nearly impossible to keep everyone together. This is why we highly recommend taking that precious Magic Kingdom group photo first thing upon arrival. By the middle of the day, some parties wonder offer, have dining reservation times, and honestly, it’s a big mess trying to corral the troops! SO – get it done and out of the way upon arrival into the park. The same goes for families with children. Kids get fussy and tired. Take the photos first thing, and you might still catch them with a smile on their face.

5 – Find the Characters and/or Be One Yourself

Characters are located throughout Magic Kingdom, and yes, they are totally worth the wait in our opinion! We especially love catching Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Minnie in their unique outfits over in Pete’s Silly Slide Show.  Of course, Mickey is also over in Mickey’s Town Square Theater! Don’t forget about the not-so-popular “characters” such as the Main Street the Casey’s Corner Pianist. Better yet, be the character yourself! It may sound cheesy, but wearing those matching outfits, silly Goofy hats, or Mickey ears can be a great way to capture that perfect family Disney moment. PhotoPass Cast Members will guide you through some silly poses from time to time, and you may even have to hold your hand out and wait to see what sort of Disney critter ends up on your palm. Just go with it and have a great time letting that inner character come out!


6 – Don’t Forget About the Food

Have you ever visited Disney World and gone home raving about a particular restaurant and delicious entrée, drink, or dessert you just couldn’t get enough of? Before scarfing down the goodness in front of you, take a picture of your dish/drink. This might be strange for some, but it really is the easiest way to show someone what you ate as you attempt to explain the masterpiece! For example, at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, some of the desserts come with a beautiful Lady and the Tramp design in chocolate sauce. It’s just as tasty as it is incredible to look at! Pause the moment and snap a quick photo to share with friends and family later.

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