10 Things You Should Know About Going Through Park Security at Walt Disney World

The line and hassle to get through park security can be such a pain, but it is a necessary exercise to help keep the parks safe for all of us. If you are visiting one of the Disney theme parks, then you definitely want to check out these 10 things that you need to know about going through park security at Walt Disney World:


10 – The security process has changed to a much more pleasant guest experience.

Disney recently installed advanced security scanners at the four theme parks and Disney Springs. This allows them to quickly check many more people without checking each and every bag by hand. Guests now simply walk through the scanner holding their bags. If the alarm beeps, you will be asked to step to the side for a further check with a security guard. However, most guests will be able to walk through without further inspection.

9 – Have certain items in front of you! 

Most of the items that will set off the alarm are metal drink containers, umbrellas, or even glasses cases with magnets! Disney security recommends that you have those items out of your bag and hold them out in front of you. This allows the Disney security guards to easily tell what sets off the alarm. Most likely, if you are holding it out in front of you, you will not be required to undergo further inspection.

8 – If you have a stroller you may be subjected to an additional search.

Guests that have a stroller with them will have to go through a separate search line for a security officer to search them. Your children do not need to leave the stroller, but you may be directed to carry and bags with you through the scanner, while the stroller is pushed through on the side. 

7 – Nothing that could be considered a weapon will be allowed inside the parks.

The obvious weapons like guns or knives are absolutely not allowed in the parks. Disney reserves the right to not allow anything in the parks that they consider to be dangerous, so if you have items that have sharp points or anything that could be perceived as a possible weapon, it is best not to attempt to bring it into the parks.

6 – You are allowed to bring your own food/drinks, but no alcohol.

Disney Security will allow you to bring your food and drinks into the park. You can bring your own cooler (as long as it meets size requirements) into the parks with various food and beverage items. You will need to be mindful that you are not allowed to bring in any alcohol.

5 – Selfie sticks will not be allowed through security.

There is a ban at all Walt Disney World theme parks against selfie sticks. They will not be allowed through security, so to save yourself from either throwing it away or making the long journey back to your resort or car to drop it off, it is better just to leave it behind and plan to take selfies the old fashioned way.


4 – Security will also pay attention to inappropriate attire or costumes.

Editor’s Note: The masks referred to below are NOT health related face coverings, which are of course allowed.

Guests are not allowed to wear costume masks in the park, so security will not let guests through that attempt to wear costume type masks. Adults are also not supposed to wear full costumes in the park either, so guests that attempt it would likely be stopped upon entering security. Offensive or inappropriate clothing is also not allowed.

3 – Guests under 14 are not allowed to enter any of the theme parks on their own.

If you have kiddos under the age of 13, then they will have to be accompanied by an adult to enter the park. Disney Security will not let obviously younger children enter the park on their own.

2 – Disney doesn’t publish detailed security procedures online.

If you check the parks security page, you will notice that they intentionally don’t publish a lot of their security procedures. For the methods to be effective, they can’t advertise them to guests. This could enable ill-intended guests to come up with ways to circumvent the system and get banned items through security, thus risking the safety for all.

1 – Be cooperative and polite.

We fully understand that guests are excited and ready to hit the parks. We just hope that everyone will remember to cooperate and polite as they make their way through security. The security cast members are just doing their job. These procedures and checks are also put in place to help ensure guest safety while they enjoy the theme parks.

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Christy Caby

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