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12 Things We Hate About Our Last Day at Walt Disney World

I don’t even like thinking about the last day at Walt Disney World since it is so sad!  Misery definitely loves company, so here are top 12 things that we totally hate about our last day at Walt Disney World:


12 – Packing to leave.

Packing to go on vacation always seems way more fun than having to pack to leave.  It is hard to get motivated to pack and get ready when you REALLY don’t want to leave.  It is a necessary evil and we would much rather be at the parks.

11 – Getting the luggage back to the front of the resort.

The bell stand will come and help with luggage, but you have to call and then wait for them to get there.  Depending on how backed up they are, it could take awhile.  If you want to get the most out of your time you may want to get your bags to the front of the hotel on your own if you can.

10 – The final bill at the end of the trip.

If you haven’t been watching your spending very closely, the final bill could be a bit of a sticker shock to you.  So you may want to brace yourself before you open the envelope that is delivered to you before you check out!

9 – Can’t send purchases back to the resort.

You aren’t able to send your merchandise packages back to your room for the last couple of days of your stay.  It is always a bummer to have to carry packages around with you, so that is a great reason to do the majority of your souvenir shopping before the very end of your vacation.

8 – The Magical Express departure.

Editor’s Note: Disney will no longer offer Disney’s Magical Express service for airport transportation, starting with arrivals January 1, 2022. Disney will continue to operate the service for new and existing reservations made at Disney Resort hotels for arrivals throughout 2021.

The Magical Express (also known as the “Tragical Express”) takes you from your resort and back to the airport.  The ride away from Disney property is extremely sad and the most dreaded “ride” of the entire vacation.

7 – The final visit to the parks.

It is great to be able to get a final visit to the parks, but that last visit can be a little bit painful, especially when it is time to leave.  We typically like to visit Magic Kingdom on the last day and take a sad face picture in front of Cinderella Castle so we can say goodbye until next time.  It is always hard to leave!


6 – Dealing with sad kids (and adults).

It is inevitable that every vacation must come to end, but that doesn’t make it feel any less sad.  It is especially hard to console sad kiddos and even the adults when it is time to go.  Sometimes kids just don’t understand why we have to leave and go back home!

5 – The last Disney meal or treat.

That last Disney meal or snack is just a painful reminder that you have to go back home and will have to start cooking your own meals again.  Can’t we just take the amazing Disney chefs home with us and never have to cook again?

4 – Feeling sadness about any missed attractions or experiences.

Sometimes it happens to where you don’t fit in some of the attractions and experiences that you had wanted to.  It can be especially sad to leave knowing that you didn’t get to do everything that you wanted.  Try to fit in all of your must-do experiences earlier in the trip, so you don’t find yourself with regret at the end of the vacation.

Saying goodbye to Minnie on the last day.

3 – Leaving behind the Disney magic!

It is so hard to leave behind all of the magic!  There are so many happy faces, amazing cast members, upbeat music and pure joy all over Walt Disney World.  It is so hard to leave that behind and go back to reality where we have to work or go to school and can’t just enjoy the immersive experiences all day every day.

2 – Watching other guests arrive.

When you are the one that is leaving, it is always sad to watch all the guests that are just arriving and starting their vacation.  Try not to let jealousy and vacation envy take over (even though it can be really hard!).  You were once in their shoes, but it is hard to remember that when it is time to leave!

1 – The journey home.

Who wants to have to spend hours traveling home knowing that you have to go back to work?  It is no fun at all and has you just wanting to move to Disney and stay there forever.  Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil so that you can save up more money to come back again!

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