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10 Most Practical and Useful Disney World Souvenirs

Shopping for Disney souvenirs is part of any Disney vacation, and there is certainly no shortage of stores or different types of souvenirs at Walt Disney World. Some people really want to make the most of their souvenir dollars by purchasing practical souvenirs, which is very easy to do at Disney. Here are 10 of the most practical and useful Disney World souvenirs.


10 – Pens

Disney pens are a great practical souvenir. They take up very little space in your luggage and they are an inexpensive purchase. They’re extremely useful and they’re a great way to add just that little bit of Disney into your everyday life. You can buy multipacks of pens, or individual pens. It’s also fun to get pens as a souvenir and see if they’ll last until your next Disney vacation when you can just replace them with new Disney pens!

9 – Bags and Purses

Whether you choose to go the designer route with a Dooney & Burke Disney themed purse, or the very practical route with a Disney cinch bag, Disney has a number of bags and purses, which are very useful souvenirs. Bags or purses are also useful both at the parks and at home.

8 – Picture Frames

Picture frames may not come to mind when you think of very useful and practical items, but if you want to display your Disney vacation memories, Disney picture frames are the best way to do it. Picture frames range in price and style, and you can even find some frames specific to the parks, or to attractions. A frame is a perfect souvenir to complement your ride photo on Splash Mountain, your engagement or honeymoon photo in front of the castle, or your family photo with Mickey.

7 – T-shirts

Disney T-shirts are one of the most obvious practical and useful Disney souvenirs and the options are endless! There are t-shirts from the attractions, popular snacks appear on t-shirts, there are special event and festival t-shirts, and even holiday party shirts. T-shirts are great because you’ll wear them both at home when your vacation is over, but they’re also perfect for your next Disney vacation. They are a fantastic way to show your Disney side.

6 – Cell Phone Cases

Cell phones need protection, especially when they have all your Disney photos and memories stored inside them! Disney has an extremely large array of cell phone cases and so many styles to choose from. Some feature characters, Star Wars, Disney Theme Parks, and some are bold while others are subtle in their Disney style. A new cell phone case is a great practical purchase when at Disney.

5 – Christmas Ornaments

Disney has a number of stores that sell Christmas ornaments and decorations all year round. Somehow Disney makes Christmas feel even that much more magical! Although a Christmas ornament may not be the most practical everyday souvenir, you’re guaranteed to get some use out of it annually when you do your Christmas decorating. It’s something you can pack away and forget about until the holidays when you pull it out and place it on your tree and remember your Disney vacation.


4 – Board Games

If you love classic board games like Clue, The Game of Life, or Monopoly, then Disney has you covered. Board games are a great souvenir that the whole family can benefit from, and it’s a ton of fun to play a familiar game but with some of that incredible Disney theming.

3 – Mugs

Disney mugs can be a very addictive souvenir. They have so many to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to decide on just one. There are big mugs perfect for tea, travel mugs, mugs dedicated to your favorite characters or attractions, and just when you think you’ve decided, the next store you stop in will have different mugs that are even more amazing! But the good thing is, mugs are very useful. Whether you use it for your morning coffee, hot chocolate or tea in the evening, or even to hold all your Disney pens, you’re sure to get use out of your Disney mugs.

2 – Watches

Watches are an item you can wear every day and that makes them a very practical and useful Disney purchase. There are watches for children and adults, and of course, there is the classic Mickey watch with his arms acting as the watch hands.

1 – Kitchenware

Disney World has an incredible amount of kitchenware souvenirs, which are useful in your everyday kitchen adventures. There are aprons, dinnerware, glasses, salt and pepper shakers, placemats and napkins, oven mitts, baking utensils, and the list goes on. These kitchen souvenirs are items you will use and they are the perfect way to infuse a little Disney into your life, which is what we all want, isn’t it?

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Lauren Repei

Lauren lives in Hamilton Ontario, but dreams of one day moving to Orlando to be closer to the Magic Kingdom. In the meantime, she spends her days working for the family business as a barista and baker, being active in the independent theatre scene in Hamilton and working part-time as a professional personal assistant to a writer. Lauren’s most memorable Disney moment is by far when she became engaged in front of Cinderella’s Castle making it her best Disney vacation to date.
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