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Top 7 Reasons to Visit Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

When booking a vacation to Walt Disney World, nobody really considers Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. In fact, I had never heard of it until I was researching wedding venues in 2015. Vero Beach is about an hour and a half south of Orlando, and it’s a beautiful city situated right on the ocean. The resort and spa are run by Disney, so if you stay (or even visit) this resort, you’re still getting that same Disney service, but in a different, more relaxed atmosphere.

At Disney’s Vero Beach, there are a lot of unique things for families, couples, and solo travelers that don’t include castles, fireworks, and rides. You may be thinking, well then, what’s the point of going? After staying for a few nights (and getting married) at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, here are a few of my reasons why I think it’s worth it to pay a visit to this hidden gem!


7 – A Break From Theme Parks

Most people indeed go to Disney World for the theme parks. However, at the Vero Beach Resort, you can get the same Disney magic in your vacation without battling the crowds or worrying about wait times. Staying at this resort truly means you are on vacation, and you can lay back and relax. 

6 – Seeing More of Florida

When people visit Disney World, they aren’t really experiencing the state of Florida. While staying at Vero Beach, you’ll be able to experience more of Florida’s natural oceans and ecosystems, and maybe even sightsee some other stops along the way. Of course, a lot of people may prefer staying in the Disney Bubble (especially during Florida’s hurricane season). Still, for those who prefer an adventure, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is a good option. 

Credit: Disney

5 – The Sea Turtle Nesting Grounds

At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, you can see the nesting grounds of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. The resort is designed to make sure the turtles are not disturbed in their natural nesting patterns. Every year, the moonlight guides newly-hatched sea turtles to the ocean, so the beach area is often in total darkness, with no exterior lamps or lights from the hotel windows shining on the sea. When my husband and I stayed there, it was Sea Turtle Season, and there were plenty of signs warning visitors to tread carefully on the beach. I remember being able to walk near the beach at night, but you couldn’t actually go on the beach- it was too dark to see anyway. It was definitely an exciting experience, and I’d love to stumble upon more sea turtles the next time I visit!


4 – Unique Activities

Aside from traditional activities like the pool, spa, and sunbathing, there are a ton of unique activities that this resort provides. The resort offers a Surf School, an excursion to learn how to fish in their private lake, bicycle rentals, mini-golf, and a sing-along campfire. These activities will make you feel as if you are in a Walt Disney World Resort, and will leave you plenty of time for laying out by the pool as well- which we took full advantage of!

3 – Conservation Awareness

Other than observing the nesting of sea turtles, this resort offers activities to help guests learn more about how to preserve sea turtle habitats. They even have a “Turtle Troop,” where young guests can learn to identify tracks and nesting behaviors. The resort is located along the Treasure Coast, which is home to a lot of endangered animal species (including manatees). Getting to experience nature while staying in a beautiful, Disney-themed resort can help make the topic of conservation fun. As a former Conservation Education Presenter intern at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the fact that this resort offers so many nature-related activities really excites me! 

Credit: Disney

2 – Top Disney Service

Sometimes I go on vacation to places other than Disney World (I know, shocking), but I still wish I was surrounded by smiling cast members (because they make everything more magical). At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, you get exactly what- you are in a Disney resort (even if it’s not near the theme parks), so you get that excellent Disney service.

My husband and I were always greeted and treated kindly while staying here, but it was the above and beyond Disney-type service that got me hooked. On our last night there, a server from a restaurant, who had heard that we got married days prior, sent a complimentary key lime pie up to our room, no questions asked. He didn’t have to do that- It was such a simple and sweet gesture, and ultimately made my day! 

1 – Extreme Relaxation

To be honest, this is what I loved most about the resort. Most hotel rooms here are ocean-view rooms, so you wake up to the sunrise on the sea and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. How amazing is that? Then, of course, there is the spa, but I found just walking along the sand, around the resort, and laying by the pool enough to put me in a contented state of bliss. I also enjoyed taking a book out onto the room’s balcony, and reading while overlooking the ocean, enjoying the breeze. It sounds so cliché, but it was extremely relaxing. After a few nights, I could see how one would miss the fireworks and castle views. But if you have a day or two to explore different places and resorts? Definitely check out Vero Beach.

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Arielle Tuan

Arielle is a South Florida local who has had some major magical moments happen at Disney World. It started when her family would take drives there every few months, and she and her sister would pretend the Magic Kingdom was their backyard. After graduating college, she worked at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in a Professional Internship for six months; her role as a Conservation Education Presenter allowed her to recruit “wilderness explorers” by educating guests all over the park. After a successful six months of creating Disney magic, she completed Grad School at John’s Hopkin’s University with a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies. During a celebratory trip to Disney World as a new Annual Passholder, her longtime boyfriend Eric proposed to her on the attraction Soarin.’It was this final magical moment that cemented her love of Disney, and established Epcot as her second favorite park (after Animal Kingdom, of course). She got married two years later at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and has been checking off Disney experiences ever since (visiting Disneyland in California, attending D23, and exploring Disneyland Paris). Despite her degree, Arielle’s main passion is sharing her love of Disney through writing. She has since written two books about her experiences working for Disney through the publisher Theme Park Press and has maintained a Disney/Lifestyle blog since 2016. Arielle can’t wait to continue experiencing Disney with her Prince Eric, and showing others why the magic of Disney is so special!
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