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10 Reasons We Love Frontierland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Frontierland is one of the many lands to explore at Magic Kingdom. Nestled between Adventureland and Liberty Square are the sites and sounds of the gold rush, steam-powered trains, the progress of the past, cowboys, and the great American frontier. Here are ten reasons why we love Frontierland in Magic Kingdom.


10 – Theming

Disney Imagineers have brought the days of the American Wild West to Magic Kingdom, and their attention to detail helps to immerse guests into the American frontier fully. The attractions and décor completely embody the spirit of the American Wild West of the early 1800s. The earthy colors and buildings built from wood to look more like handcrafted buildings and cabins all bring the romance and the hope of the Wild West to Frontierland.

9 – Walt Disney Railroad Station

Taking the train is one of the most enjoyable ways to travel, and you can take the train to and from Frontierland. The train seems like the perfect way to travel when in Frontierland, it fits right in with the theming of the Wild West. Walt Disney was also very passionate about trains, which makes it a great way to remember and feel Walt Disney’s influence when visiting Frontierland.

Editor’s Note: the Walt Disney World Railroad is currently closed, but will reopen at a future date.

Frontierland Railroad

8 – Golden Oak Outpost

The Golden Oak Outpost is a counter service location that serves drinks, treats, and snacks. It would be effortless to mosey on by this little gem on your way to Splash Mountain, but it is worth stopping here to refuel and enjoy your surroundings. The Specialty Waffle fries are the real attraction here. The toppings tend to change, but they’re always delicious, be it something cheesy, or BBQ pork.

7 – Maple Popcorn

It’s a scientific fact that Disney World popcorn is the best popcorn in the world. So, how do you improve on a Disney snack classic? Add maple. A new addition to the Magic Kingdom snack lineup is maple-flavored popcorn and the place to get it is Frontierland. We tried it, and we love it. Best of all, maple makes it a totally appropriate breakfast food!

6 – Frontierland Hoedown

About once a day in the late afternoon, cast members and characters gather in front of the Country Bear Jamboree for a good old-fashioned hoedown. Guests can join in, and it’s one of the few times that some of the Country Bears can be seen outside of their show. Brer Bear, Brer Rabbit, and Brer Fox have also made appearances, as well as Clarabelle Cow. It’s a fun show to catch if you’re in the right place at the right time.


5 – Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café

Pecos Bill recently went through a significant change, they completely overhauled the menu. The Wild West theming stayed the same, which is one thing we definitely love about this quick-service restaurant, with its cozy interior, patio seating, and multiple dining rooms. And while we might miss the BBQ pork sandwich, we love the new menu with its Southwestern influence. There are nachos, burgers, burritos, and even Churros available at Pecos Bill. We also love that Disney keeps the classic short Pecos Bill alive in Frontierland with this great quick-service restaurant.

4 – Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island offers guests a place to stop and take a break in the shade, or go on an adventure and explore the cool caverns, Harper’s Mill and the forts, or run across the barrel bridge. Tom Sawyer Island can be what guests want it to be. A place to run around, or a place to take a break and recharge. Either way, you’ll feel as if you’re in a completely different time and place once you walk off that raft and onto the island.

Tom Sawyer Island Map

3 – Country Bear Jamboree

The Country Bears have been residents in Frontierland since Magic Kingdom opened its doors in 1971 and they continue to be a favorite among guests. The show features funny and endearing Audio-Animatronic bears singing country songs, what’s not to love?

2 – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the wildest ride in Frontierland and we love it that way! Big Thunder delivers fun thrills for the whole family as the train races through the abandoned mine and the town of Tumbleweed. It seems like there is something new to spot every time you board the train. For a slightly different experience, hop aboard at night!

1 – Splash Mountain

Editor’s Note: Splash Mountain is being reimagined to Tianya’s Bayou Adventure, which is coming in late 2024. However, no announcement has been made on when the current version will close. 

Splash Mountain is one of the most beloved attractions in Frontierland and in Magic Kingdom. It features the characters and music from the 1946 Disney film Song of the South. Splash Mountain has it all, classic Disney characters, a whimsical story, catchy songs, and adventure, and it all culminates in a thrilling 50-foot drop down Chick-a-Pin Hill into the Briar Patch.

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