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10 Facts and Secrets About Epcot’s Mission Space

Mission Space is probably one of the most intense rides in all of Walt Disney World.  The attraction has the most restrictions and has had the most guests experience nausea afterward.  The attraction is also one of the most unique as you get to experience what it would be like to be an astronaut!  If you haven’t experienced the attraction and think you are up for the challenge, you definitely should!  Here are ten facts and secrets about Mission Space:


10 – Key Facts

Here are a few key facts about the attraction:

  • Opening: October 2003
  • Duration: 5 minutes, 38 seconds
  • Height Requirements: 44 inches

9 – The mechanics for the attraction are super impressive. 

The attraction is basically a huge centrifuge that has multiple arms. It spins to create the feeling like you are actually taking off and floating through space. Your individual car spins, and the machine spins as a whole, which creates this really cool effect. There are 4 separate centrifuges that each have 10 cars that hold 4 riders at a time. To help prevent motion sickness, there are actually fans that blow at the riders, too. They have really put a lot of thought and planning into this one. Motion sickness bags were also added to the attraction just in case you need them!

8 – You get up to 2.5Gs on the attraction.

With the impressive design of the attraction is actually allows each rider to experience forces that go up to 2.5Gs. If you didn’t know, this is more than twice the force of gravity that we feel every day.

7 – There has been controversy over the height restrictions and warnings.

There have been many guests that have said that the height restrictions and the warnings that were initially presented weren’t indicative enough of what to expect during the ride. The original warnings were very similar to rides like Soarin’ or Star Tours, which are arguably much less intense than Mission Space is for most guests. Since then, more disclosures and warnings were added to the attraction. There are also signs that help direct the guest on how to place their head during the attraction and warnings about what could occur if they don’t in order to try to help the guests have a much more pleasant and nausea-free experience.

Mission Space Warning

6 – The ride has been too much for some guests.

There have actually been several guests who have experienced issues on the attraction that have resulted in medical assistance provided after riding. The symptoms after have mostly been chest pain, nausea, etc. This is definitely a ride that you want to use caution on if you have any conditions. Be sure to review all warnings before you ride!

5 – There is a less intense version to enjoy.

The ride is so intense that Disney decided it was probably a good idea to offer a less intense version so that the pavilion was still a fun place for everyone to play and explore. So there is a far less intense version of the attraction that is called Green Team (the normal ride is the Orange Team) where the centrifuge doesn’t spin. Only ride cars move a little bit to create some of the experience. It is a great way to still experience the attraction if you don’t think you can handle the forces of the Orange Team.


4 – The story is pretty cool and a dream of just about everyone.

The theme for the entire attraction is meant to give you the feeling that you are a real astronaut. You get to experience what their training is like, as well as what it would be like to train and go to Mars aboard a space shuttle. That is something that so many of us would love to experience in real life and have a huge fascination for space travel and all things related to astronauts and NASA.

3 – There are tributes to Horizons.

Mission Space is the attraction that took over the location where Horizons used to be. Disney has a history of giving nods and tributes to old attractions and remembering what used to be there. Throughout Mission Space there are actually a few tributes to the beloved Horizons attraction:

  • You can see the Horizons logo on the rotating wheel in the queue as well as at the front of the cash register counter in the gift shop as you are exiting the attraction.
  • Look for the planter that is sitting at the front of the attraction. It was the planter that formerly contained the Horizons marquee, and it is still there and hasn’t really been moved or changed, other than excluding the marquee.

Horizons Tribute Wheel

2 – HP has a secret room at the attraction.

Many attractions at Walt Disney World have sponsors that help support and pay for the attractions. HP is the sponsor for Mission Space. When the ride was constructed, a lounge was added on the 2nd floor of the building that overlooks portions of the queue and attraction. HP employees are allowed to enjoy and hang out in the lounge when they like. The lounges are also allowed to be utilized by “Make a Wish” foundation children who may need a comfortable break in the air conditioning during the day.

1 – The flight bays are completely reprogrammable.

So you know how there are two versions of the attraction? Well, more of the ride vehicles could be converted to the easier version or be converted back very easily. The non-spinning bays can have their simulators retrained to spin again if the need should present itself! The functionality isn’t removed.

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