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10 Things We Love About the Morocco Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase

The Morocco pavilion is probably toward the bottom of the list on the list of favorite pavilions in the World Showcase, but this isn’t fair at all.  The pavilion has a ton of great experiences to enjoy.  The food and style may not be the first choice for everyone, but it is definitely worth experiencing! Here are ten reasons why we absolutely love the Morocco pavilion:


10 – You can see the Tower of Terror, and it fits in!

If you put your back to the lagoon and look onto the pavilion, you will notice the Tower of Terror not so far off in the background. Not only do you notice it, but you will notice that it fits in perfectly with the Morocco pavilion and is a similar color to all of the buildings at the pavilion. This was done intentionally. The Imagineers wanted to ensure that the guest experience was preserved, and there wasn’t a building in the background that would obviously not belong, so when the Tower of Terror was constructed, this was taken into consideration. The building was designed and painted to fit in with the pavilion.

9 – You can meet Jasmine.

The World Showcase is an area where you can immerse yourself in the culture and experiences of particular countries. While Disney characters are from the classic Disney films and not necessarily stories directly from the country, it is still great to have a bit of the Disney character presence out in the pavilions. Jasmine isn’t seen in every park, so it is one of the few opportunities to meet her, which is a real treat. The lines usually aren’t as long as they would be at the Magic Kingdom either, so that is also a plus.

8 – Try getting seated for a table service restaurant as a walk-in.

Since this pavilion isn’t as popular as other pavilions, and the cuisine isn’t the most popular, you can likely get into Spide Road Table quickly without a reservation. No one wants to wait a long time for a table on standby, but you may not have that problem at this pavilion. It never hurts to check, and then you can have a fabulous meal.

7 – Eating at Spice Road Table.

This is a really great location. The seating is outside, with beautiful views of the lagoon and the fireworks if you hang out there in the evenings. The restaurant has tons of delicious small-plate options as well as some specialty entrees if you want a full plate. The desserts are amazing, and the alcoholic drinks are delicious. It makes for a complete Mediterranean meal experience while you overlook the entire pavilion.

6 – The shopping is very unique.

The shopping is perfect for the pavilion. It really feels like you are shopping in bazaars in the middle of Morocco. Not only that, the items that are sold are unlike anything you will find anywhere else on property. You can buy beautiful rugs and lamps. You can also buy traditional Moroccan clothing, hats, and dresses that are absolutely beautiful. I keep telling myself that I am going to buy myself one of the dresses one of these days!


5 – There are belly dancers.

Belly dancers are part of the culture and entertainment native to the area, and it is a lot of fun to watch. Not only that, the music is so lively and fun that you can’t help but dance or at least tap your feet along to the music. It has you wanting to bounce around, and it ultimately builds your energy to continue enjoying the rest of your day.

4 – You can get henna tattoos.

Henna tattoos are a lot of fun and a great thing to get and enjoy while you are on vacation. It is also a way to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and embrace the entire experience. The cost of the experience at Art of Henna is based on the size and complexity of what you want, so you will have to plan based on how much you want to spend. So much fun!

3 – Dining at Restaurant Marrakesh.

Editor’s Note: Restaurant Marrakesh is noted as temporarily unavailable on the Walt Disney World website. No official announcement has been made about its return or if it closing for good. Because no official closure announcement has been made, and since it still remains on the Walt Disney World website, we mention it in this article for future planning. We hope to see the restaurant reopen.

Everything about this restaurant is fantastic, especially if you like the delicious spices that are native to this food. The inside of the restaurant is beautiful, the belly dancing entertainment and music is lively, and a lot of fun and then the food is delicious. It really does have it all! Save room for dinner and have the Taste of Morocco Royal Feast. It lets you sample a lot of things and have a complete experience. You have to save room for dessert, too, since the Bastilla is delicious! You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

2 – Great place to watch EPCOT Fireworks.

The pavilion offers excellent views of the fireworks at the end of the evening. Since the pavilion isn’t as popular as other pavilions, it typically isn’t the first choice for guests when picking viewing spots. This usually makes it a less crowded location to watch from, with not a lot of obstructions getting in your way. I’d still recommend scoping your spot out a little bit before the show starts, but you should be able to find an excellent spot to enjoy the show.

Morocco Fountain

1 – It is really is beautiful, with a great atmosphere.

The pavilion really is a bit underrated. There are just so many amazing things there, and the beauty of the pavilion is undeniable. The imagineers did a fantastic job creating an experience that will allow you to be completely immersed in Moroccan culture. The beautiful mosaics and the traditional elements and focal points are fantastic. You will definitely want to explore every area of this pavilion to make sure that you see it all.

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