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Top 5 Attractions at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

The story goes, what once was a tropical paradise was struck by a typhoon, resulting in the jungle-filled, shipwrecked environment known as Typhoon Lagoon. We simply love Disney’s back story on this well-thought-out water theme park, which is a favorite for many! What makes Typhoon Lagoon especially awesome – we’d have to say it’s these top five attractions, among many other reasons.


1 – Crush ‘N’ Gusher

How does a 400-foot-long tube raft/coaster ride sound? Awesome! You’ll want to check out the Crush ‘N’ Gusher at Typhoon Lagoon to experience what feels like a water rollercoaster. When people talk about Typhoon Lagoon, Crush ‘N’ Gusher tends to be one folks want to ride again and again. Grab a friend, as this is a multi-person raft ride that will have you propelled by powerful jets uphill and back down over and over again. Be prepared as some of the dips are rather steep, and some turns are just as thrilling. Themed as a fruit chutes, guests have the chance to pick between pineapple, coconut, or banana. After that, just get ready to feel as if you’ve been crushed and gushed into a fruit smoothie yourself!

Crush n Gusher

2 – Surf Pool

How cool is it that Typhoon Lagoon holds North America’s largest wave pool?! This thing is massive, and if you’ve seen an aerial view of Typhoon Lagoon, you can’t miss the Surf Pool. Kids, teens, and adults have the opportunity to enjoy the waves, which are slightly different in strength and size to different areas of the pool. This signature attraction offers 6-foot swells, which is the best place to surf on Disney property! There is even a chalkboard near the edge of the pool beach that allows guests to view the day’s wave schedule. So dive in the deep end and get ready to catch a wave! The great thing about the surf pool is that if the waves are too much for young ones, or if you are just looking to relax, the shallow sandy white beach is the perfect place to lounge and let the ripples gently roll in over you! We especially love the jungle paradise that surrounds the pool with palm trees and boulders lining the shoreline. If you are looking for the motion of the ocean… the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool is the place to be!


3 – Miss Adventure Falls

Miss Adventure Falls, Typhoon Lagoon’s newest water attraction, is a family-friendly water adventure that replaced the popular Shark Reef. Miss Adventure Falls bring to life the story of Captain Mary Oceaneer, a treasure-hunting heroine who got stranded with her pet parrot at Typhoon Lagoon years ago by a rogue storm. In a first for a water attraction in Florida, guests are transported in their rafts to the top of the slide. While traveling up to the top, guests will pass Mary’s wrecked ship, where her parrot is talking alongside their treasures. This allows for a longer ride time and it saves guests from climbing to the top of the attraction. From the top, the water adventure takes twists, turns, and dips. You’ll see deep-sea artifacts that Oceaneer collected on her treasure hunts around the world! With a ride time of two minutes, it is the longest attraction at Typhoon Lagoon.

Guests get a ride to the top on Miss Adventure Falls. Photo Credit: Disney

4 – Humunga Kowabunga

Ok, so we try to be brave when it comes to Humunga Kowabunga. This attraction basically spits you out of Mount Mayday with a 5-story drop in a near-vertical position. To make matters a little more thrilling, Typhoon Lagoon makes you do it in the dark! So, yeah – 214-foot drop, 60-degree angle, in the dark – sign us up! Tip – this ride goes quick, so for those of you that are maybe uncomfortable with the dark but enjoy speed, don’t let the thought of darkness stop you from riding. Just keep in mind you’ll be in the light within seconds.

5 – Mayday Falls

Of the three “Falls” raft rides (Mayday, Keelhaul, and Gangplank), Mayday Falls is known as the most intense. This is likely because it’s also the highest and longest waterslide at Typhoon Lagoon. So, climb aboard the single-rider tube and get ready for a fast, bumpy, and twisty ride all the way down Mount Mayday. We especially love the views from Mayday Falls – such as Typhoon Lagoon’s icon, the shipwrecked shrimp boat known at “Miss Tilly.” Unfortunately, it’s a sinking feeling once you realize how close you are to the Miss Tilly and how that means you have a long way down to the ground! It’s a long and fun ride – so sit back, hold on tight, and we’ll see you at the bottom.

Typhoon Lagoon is an excellent place to hang out in the sun while catching some waves, flying down waterslides, or simply floating along in the lazy river. We’ve listed our top 5 attractions, but we feel we must honorably mention Gangplank Falls (4-person inner tube ride) and Castaway Creek (blissful lazy river), among with many other excellent attractions. We’d love to hear about your favorite Typhoon Lagoon attraction!

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